Avoid these Major Mistakes when buying used turf equipment

golf course equipment for sale

Buying second-hand lawn equipment like mowers, sprayers and UTVs can save you money, but if you’re not careful, you might end yourself with the turf equivalent of a “hangar queen.” When it comes to avoiding the following blunders,

Buying used golf course equipment for sale can ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Before making a purchase, do some research.

Never purchase used turf equipment without first conducting a thorough investigation. Examine the equipment’s maintenance records if they are accessible to ensure it has been properly maintained. Look at the product’s photographs and videos, if they’re available.

Purchasing Second-Hand Lawn Equipment as a Fixer-Upper

You can be enticed to buy a piece of used greens mower for sale at a reduced price, even if you know it isn’t totally functional or in need of repair. This is most likely a bad idea. It’s possible that repairing the equipment will take more time and money than you anticipated, in which case you’ll have to decide whether to fix it or lose your initial investment. To begin with, you’re taking a minor risk by purchasing second-hand equipment, but if the equipment is damaged, you might as well try your luck at the lottery. 

Purchasing equipment that does not quite meet your requirements

There are various varieties of specialty mowers and other forms of used greens mower for sale built for extremely specific purposes. Don’t buy something that’s “very close” to what you really need just because it’s on sale. In the long run, it will be more expensive in terms of lost time and hassle than simply purchasing the appropriate maintenance equipment.

Ignoring Clearly Visible Warning Signs

When you think you’re going to get a terrific deal, it’s easy to persuade yourself to overlook a lot. Isn’t that puddle of fluid under the machine most likely just water? And that strange noise coming from the engine is most likely just your imagination. Is It Good to Boil Water for Drinking.

This is one of those occasions when you should go with your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, it most likely is. It’s better to be cautious than sorry, so don’t buy anything you don’t completely trust.

Here Are Some Warning Signs: 

  • A no-start engine, or one that starts slowly and produces a lot of smoke

Dealers may offer encouraging explanations, such as, “Oh, you know, it only needs a little this or that, and it’ll be up and running.” If you can’t try it, don’t buy it, even if the price is ridiculously low. That is unless it comes with a solid guarantee, which can be hard to come by with used machinery under $20,000 on the market. A no-start engine, or one that starts slowly and produces a lot of smoke

Because you’re probably unfamiliar with the type or model of used golf course equipment at auctions that you’re testing, take your time, have the vendor explain all of the settings, and make sure you attempt every speed and movement. Expect some smoke if it’s extremely chilly.

  • Fluids leaking beneath the machine

Make sure to inspect a backhoe loader as well as the cylinders. Check all of the hoses and arms as well.

  • Oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil

This is an indicator of an engine that will just waste your time.

  • Any items seized

If it was confiscated, there’s a good chance it wasn’t treated correctly.

  • Backhoe welds, loader arms, and bucket welds

Machinery is repeatedly abused until it breaks, at which point it is welded. A weld will never be as straight or strong as the original steel, and the heavy misuse may have produced other issues that aren’t visible at first inspection.

  • Strange noises or abnormal brake/drivetrain behavior

Some external brake discs can be replaced for a minimal cost by the owner; however, a rear differential repair can be so expensive that the machine must be scrapped.

  • Any indicators of poor maintenance, such as excessively loose bushings/pins

Machinery lasts a long time, and depending on your budget, you could be looking at used toro golf course equipment that is 20 to 30 years old or older. The residual worth of a machine after such a lengthy career is determined by whether it was mistreated or operated normally, as well as if it was well maintained.

  • Bonus Point -Choose the most popular models from well-known manufacturers. 

It makes finding parts, manuals, and guidance a lot easier. The number of each brand/model that you can locate on websites reveals a lot about how simple it is to repair them. Finding parts at a reasonable price can mean the difference between keeping a piece of equipment for years or trashing it after a single season.

Buying a Model That Is No Longer Produced

You’ll undoubtedly need to replace certain parts on your lawn used toro equipment at some point. If you have an older model that is no longer in production, components can be difficult to come by. If you’re buying an out-of-production model, make sure you can fix it with readily available components. The bottom line is that you can obtain some fantastic prices on turf maintenance equipment if you use common sense when shopping.

Some Questions to Ask While Purchasing:

  • Look for any symptoms of oil leaks in the engine.
  • Check the oil level in your engine on a regular basis and change it at the recommended intervals.
  • On motors that allow it, check and adjust valve clearance.
  • Check for excessive wear on the drive, starter, and generator belts. If necessary, replace the item.
  • Check the tightness of the starting belt. If necessary, tighten the screws.
  • Examine the connections between the accelerator pedal and the carburetor.
  • Check the compression in the engine.
  • Check the wear on the spark plug.
  • Replace or clean the air filter.
  • Replace the oil filter if necessary.
  • Check for debris in the fuel filter.
  • Look for wear on the starter/generator brushes.
  • On earlier versions, inspect the points and condenser.
  • If things aren’t going well, check and alter the timing as needed.

At all costs, avoid these major mistakes, and you’ll be able to purchase the best ever  used golf course equipment for sale. 


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