Top Things To Do IN THE TOP Cities of the USA

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Have already booked a flight to Dallas, America for your next trip? And the only thing left to do is to prepare your US travel plan? Well, then you have landed at the very right spot as the best top things to do in can be of your a great help.

The United States of America is visited by tens of thousands of travelers every year and is one of the most renowned tourist destinations across the world. While the internet is flooded with the top cities/destinations/places to visit in the USA articles, the only thing that is missing is the things that can be done in such places. Thus, the best top things to do in the top cities of the USA will help you with both the prior and the latter objective.

Let’s know the best top things to do in the top cities of USA

Las Vegas, Nevada

The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas should be a must-stop in your US travel itinerary before taking Dallas to India flights. The city of iconic lights and iconic sights, Las Vegas is filled with opportunities for happy times for travelers. The best things to do in Vegas, US includes:

Visit the strip

The entrance to the notorious side of Vegas, the Strip runs from the Mandalay Bay to Stratosphere casino. The strip leaves you in front of the free-standing tallest observation tower of America.

Experience dancing water

The dancing water landmark of LA, the Fountains of Bellagio, never fails to intimidate its visitors. With music, the fountain erupts with a 30-minute interval in the afternoon and with 15-minute intervals at night.

Ride at the High Roller

Skyscraping the Vegas skyline, High Roller is an awe-struck giant Ferris Wheel. The heaviest and biggest giant wheel in the world, High Roller offers the best scenic views worthy to book flights to India from NYC.

Neon lights at Neapolis

A dazzling and paranormal display of three miles of neon lights, Neonpolis will burn your retinas with a great experience. A shopping and entertainment hub, Neonpolis is the most popular location in Vegas.

Dine at Heart Attack Grill

The name Heart Attack Grill justifies its 40 bacon strips, 12 cheese slices put inside a half-pound hamburger patties, enough to cause heart failure. The patties are served along with fries and are greasy as they are cooked with pure lard.

New York, New York

Preparing a New York holiday plan can be a tough task because of the size and traveling opportunities the city provides. Some activities to do and places to visit in New York includes:

Walk upon the Brooklyn Bridge

Standing proudly since 1883, Brooklyn Bridge is laying between Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights. The longest suspension bridge across the globe, this bridge is a popular tourist attraction.

Relax at the Coney Islands

One of the most gorgeous places to relax and re-focus, Coney Islands contain a joyous charm. Besides relaxing, don’t forget to be impressed by the local food like Totonno’s Pizza, and Gargiulo’s.

Get closer to history at The Cloisters

The only American museum dedicated to architecture and boasting the Medieval Ages, the Cloisters is a unique visit. Adjusting five medieval age-inspired cloisters inside the museum architecture, the museum building is itself an architectural marvel.

Go shopping at the Dover Street

The shopping hotspot of England, Dover Street Market is working since 2013. Always packed with fashion and accessory lovers, this street contains more than 1 luxury department store.

Read at the Strand Book Store

The 93 years old book store boasting 2.5 million book titles, this book store, is a paradise for book collectors.


A perfect city to enjoy sunlight and celebrate the day-life Florida is filled with joyous things to do. Visit whatever places you can while exploring the sunshine hues of Florida.

Relax at the underground spirit at Devil’s Den

One of America’s most prehistoric places, Devil’s Den, is an underground spring termed as the hidden gem of Florida. A perfect place to scuba dive and snorkel this underground spring is idle to enjoy multiple adventures.

Watch exhibits at the Ringling Museum

One of the coolest places in the city, Ringling Museum covers a vast area while boasting a variety of exhibits to explore. The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Circus Museum, and the Bayfront gardens are all parts of this grand sight.

Have fun at Disney

Florida travel itinerary is incomplete without having Disney as a must-stop location marked in it. The diverse rides, themes make it a perfect place for every age group. And the four parks- Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studio serve the most joyous memories. Further, these memories are doubled by a meet and greet with the famous Disney characters.

Visit the houses accessible through the water at Dome Houses

The one-of-a-kind thing to see here visit is the Dome houses in Florida. Residing near the Close Cape Romano Islands, these houses can be reached through water only.

Take a Space tour at Kennedy Space Centre

Meet the real-life astronauts at the Kennedy Space Centre, the perfect place to meet some space experts.

Washington, D.C.

A perfect blend of old-school places and youth, Washington, is where you can witness cliché farmer markets and contemporary exhibits. There is much this city offers, along with thousands of pink cherry blossoms that exemplify the beauty of fall.

Enjoy the scenic beauty at Tidal Basin

A perfect place to relax and appreciate nature’s beauty, Tidal Basin is a 2-mile long water pond further joined with the Potomac River. The boasts heavenly beauty during the spring as thousands of pink cherry blossom trees bore new leaves, Also Read:- Delta airlines customer care phone number

Get inspired at the National Gallery of Art

A great place for art lovers, the National Gallery of Art houses many popular modern art pieces. The museum enjoys luscious gardens and five bars and cafes.

Go old-school at Washington National Cathedral

One of Washington’s oldest architectural marvels, the Washington National Cathedral is here since 1907. A pleasant place with luscious gardens, this Cathedral should be explored with a long walk.


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