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As home prices shot up in recent years, the commission charged by traditional realtors has also made a big leap. Hence, low commission realtors are in huge demand and are what most sellers need right now. These agents and companies provide lower commission rates, which can help sellers save thousands. 

However, not all low commission realtors are the same. It is, therefore, crucial to understand how they manage to offer savings and if they are creating a win-win situation for both homeowners and agents or cutting corners. 

Now you might be wondering how to find good low commission real estate agents near me. We have done the homework for you. This article analyzes some of the most popular realtors in this space. Read on.

1. Redfin

Redfin is touted to be one of the best realtors in the low commission space. It is a really good option for experienced sellers or the ones who prefer being quite hands-on. 

This real estate company uses a mix of technology and a team approach. So, there isn’t just one agent dedicated entirely to you. 

The website advertises a commission rate of 1%. However, there is a catch. This rate is applicable only if you buy a house with Redfin within a year of selling your home. If you don’t do that, the rate that applies to you is 1.5%. 

The company also has minimum fees, which run up to $7,000 in certain markets. It is able to offer savings because it sells more homes with a smaller number of realtors. At first sight, Redfin seems to present a good deal. However, it is recommended for experienced sellers who don’t mind working with different agents at different points of the sale process. 

2. Clever Real Estate

Clever made it to this list for two reasons: it offers the best support for sellers and it is the most affordable among all full-service brokerages. 

This company charges a listing fee of only 1% – the lowest commission fee of any full-service real estate company. If you are thinking that will Clever match you with good low commission real estate agents near me, then be rest assured. It will give you access to real estate agents from top brokerages like Keller Williams and others throughout the country.

All of its partner low commission real estate agents provide the same level of service one can expect from a traditional realtor. Clever pre-negotiated savings with the brokerages on your behalf. 

Also, there is no obligation to work with the agents you get matched with. You may interview as many agents as you want and still walk away if you like none.

Check out clever real estate reviews for more information.

3. Prevu

If you are a homeowner in California, Washington or some select northeastern states and worrying if you will find good low commission real estate agents near me, then Prevu could be an option worth considering. 

It lists your home for a 1.5% commission, but it requires a minimum fee in certain areas. This rate could be worth it if your house is in one of the service areas of the company.

However, there are other low commission real estate agents that can provide better services and more bang for your buck in more areas.

4. Ideal Agent

This is also considered to be one of the best realtors in the low commission space. The company pre-negotiates a 2% listing fee, helping you save a decent amount of money when selling your home. 

The best part about Ideal Agent is that it will not match you with just any broker. It has very strict selection criteria when it comes to agents. So, you can rest assured that you are matched only with the top agents in your locality. 

Most importantly, agents are available nationwide and its service even includes professional photography to better promote your house. 

5. Houwzer

Houwzer gives a different spin on its low commission brokers. Instead of a commission percentage, it levies a flat fee of $5,000 for its services. Sellers will get full service, which also includes a virtual tour of your property.

A flat fee is a good idea because the sellers know what exactly to expect. However, there is a possibility of you paying somewhat higher than other low-commission realtor companies. 

For instance, a $5,000 fee for a home that sells for $200,000 comes to around a 2.5% commission rate. This is much higher than the 1% or 1.5% offered by competing firms. 

6. SimpleShowing

This is a full-service discount realtor that provides low commission options for sellers in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. 

The company has a solid technology stack and relies on it to keep its costs low. It charges just 1% to list your home. 

However, be mindful that minimum commission exists in certain markets, so there may be a chance of you paying a higher percentage to sell your house. 


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