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Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider broke down while advancing his new “favorable to America” film on Newsmax, a film he guarantees got no opportunity of getting Hollywood’s help.

The movie, named To Pass on For, was coordinated by Schneider and is autonomously appropriated for this present week. In the film, Schneider plays Quint North, a man who procures the wrath of his neighbors by flying an American banner on the rear of his truck.

“This film is strongly enthusiastic. Assuming enthusiasm and love of nation affront you in any capacity… watch this film… then, at that point, move elsewhere,” the film’s site cautions.

Addressing Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo, Schneider blamed moderates for being as well “meek” in taking on “woke rubbish,” which he expects to do with his film.

“Individuals are hesitant to conflict with [woke society],” the producer said. “I don’t figure out that. I don’t have the foggiest idea why preservationists are bashful with regards to this. My conviction is that you must be pushed up until this point, and they have pushed us up to this point that we must follow through with something.”

Salcedo inquired as to whether “woke Hollywood” wouldn’t uphold Schneider’s image, which was shot north of 10 months with a group of less than 10 individuals.

“[Hollywood] wouldn’t spend any cash to foster it. They unquestionably wouldn’t film it, they wouldn’t disperse it, however my significant other and I are furiously and proudly free. Thus, we make our own substance. We additionally convey our own substance,” he said, adding he is “holding nothing back” on the image.

The entertainer at one point broke down at seeing his own film’s banner, which shows his personality holding up a banner shaft, keeping the American banner from contacting the ground.

“See that image! That is so enlivened,” he said, getting profound, “on the grounds that he … won’t allow that banner to contact the ground.”

Schneider’s Beyond words delivers carefully on October 20, as indicated by the film’s site.


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