Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Vaping


Whether you have come to vape later in life or else you are a proverbial younger pup who wants to experience all the different tastes and flavors of e-juice available, then there are numerous articles and even online videos advising you on what to do and conversely what not to do.

Often, these pieces of advice contradict themselves so, to clarify, continue reading for the fundamental mistakes to avoid when starting vaping. 

Ensure You Have the Correct Wattage Settings

One of the first mistakes that is most commonly made amongst vapers, especially those who have just started investing in e-cigarettes, is that once they have primed and set up the coil correctly and carefully squeezed the juice, there is still no flavor coming through.

Even worse, sometimes you may even detect a burnt, rusting flavor and both incidences are usually due to the wattage being set too high for the tank itself. With a vape pen, this cannot happen as the wattage is pre-set, but with box mods, ensure you turn the wattage down (you can always increase it later). 

Draw Issues

If you find that when you press the button of your device and go to take in some vapor, nothing happens at all, it is usually due to three primary issues:

  1. The auto draw feature may be turned off (again only applicable with box mods)
  2. The pod may be flooded due to too much e-liquid in the device
  3. The button is not being pressed down fully or has stuck

Always Fill Over the Minimum Fill Line

Another reason why the taste of the vapor and liquid may seem to be burnt or else simply taste somewhat unpleasant is that there is too little liquid inside the tank.

The problem with this is that often once this occurs, this may ruin that coil underneath the tank and result in you having to immediately change the pod. The good news, however, is that vape juice and e-cigarettes from a reputable supplier usually have minimum fill lines on the bottles and the tanks themselves and you should always fill slightly over the minimum. 

An Insecure Connection

The final, and arguably most serious, mistake that can be made with e-cigarettes, especially by those who are not experienced in the use of that specific brand or model, is that the connections need to always be secured at each point on the device.

Usually, with most e-cigarette starter kits, they come in separate parts in the box, and it is therefore up to you to connect each part to the next and ensure everything is screwed in correctly. 

It is also worth noting that, in rare cases, the manufacturer has not ensured that the connections inside the battery device itself are tight enough and this may result in a complete misfiring of the entire e-cigarette. In this case, you should contact the supplier directly, explain the problem and ask for a new, replacement device to be delivered.


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