The Ultimate Bridal Gown Fitting Guide

Bridal Gown
Bridal Gown

Choosing the perfect wedding dress has been the subject of countless of our blog posts. However, once you’ve bought it we’ve never really talked about how to move in your wedding gown! After all, you won’t be moving around with the same ease and enthusiasm at your wedding ceremony as you would in workout clothes and sneakers. You’ll be moving at a slow speed and with greater caution. However, you wouldn’t want to be so restricted by the gown that you miss out on the wonderful event you’ve envisioned, which is where our bridal gown fitting checklist comes in handy!

Consider these a short set of tips for a perfect wedding dress, to assist you in trying on your wedding gown while it is being altered. You’ll be able to prevent any inconvenience or wardrobe malfunctions this way! The golden rule of modifications is, to begin with, a garment that is too large for you and have it taken in by a tailor, who can either do it in-house at the shop or by a bridalwear expert. You may definitely get a perfect fit during these fittings especially if you bought your designer wedding dresses online. What does it mean to be a perfect fit? Stay with us, since we’ve addressed that as well!

How to Move Around in Your Bridal Gown

You’ll need to determine how mobile you want to be in your wedding dress from Europe to get the proper fit. It’s entirely dependent on what you’ve got planned for your day. Except for performing your dance routine during the DJ set, most wedding ceremonies involve very little physical activity. 

However, you’ll need a little more room in your gown if you’re having your wedding service in the woods or hiking up a cliff for wedding photographs. Consider what you’ll be doing on the day of your fitting, especially in the lead-up to your wedding photos, because that is when your dress needs to look its finest.

What Should You Bring to Your Wedding Dress Appointment? 

This post contains standard dress fitting suggestions and guidance, and we’ve also included a helpful checklist of things to bring when you are shopping in European wedding dress shops in Dubai

  • a notepad and pen or something to jot down the notes – you’ll have to jot down data like additional adjustments, pickup schedules, and so on.
  • make-up remover – Wear as little as possible and avoid fake tan!
  • any additional accessories you’ve already bought – Hair accessories, jewelry, or even a veil are examples of these items.
  • shoes – Bring your wedding shoes with you if you already have them. Bring something with a similar heel height if you don’t have any.
  • underwear – Bring a strapless bra and jeans that are near in color to your skin tone.

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The Ultimate Wedding Gown Fitting Guide

During your wedding dress fitting, there are a few actions you can make to ensure a wonderful fit. It is not practical even though a skin-tight wedding gown appears stunning. Although a loose bridal gown does not look fabulous, it is really comfortable to wear. You’re on the lookout for the perfect compromise in a European-style wedding dress. Make sure the person performing the adjustments is fine with you moving around before you go swinging around in the dressing room. Also, move slowly because there may be pins or temporary stitches in place, and you would not want to ruin the gown at this moment!

  • Take the dress off – It’s crucial to find out how many people, if any, you’ll need to assist you in getting dressed and undressed ahead of time, and to note down any directions you receive regarding clasps or buttons since you might not recall them in six months.
  • Develop a bathroom strategy – To figure out how to pee in the gown, you need to be wearing it, and now is a wonderful moment to do so!
  • Simulating going in and out of a vehicle – It’s a good idea to practice getting into and out of a car with your European bridal wedding dress, especially if you’re going with something unique.
  • Your arms raised – Between waving at witnesses in a beauty queen style as you go to the event and raising the roof on the ballroom, you’ll be shocked at how often this is required on your wedding ceremony.
  • Dance – It’s not necessary to do a full-on dance, however, if you’re planning on being in your premium tailor-made wedding dress all night, it’s a great way to give it a test run with a little bounce.
  • Imagine embracing someone – There’s no necessity to wrap the person performing your adjustments in a bear hug. Rather, imitate the gesture and then repeat it as if you’re reaching for a tall person or leaning down to a toddler.
  • Sit down – It’s essential that you’re comfortable sitting for a large chunk of the day, including the ceremony and the luncheon.
  • Take note of your body temperature – You’ll need to take extra precautions against the elements if the garment loses or retains more heat than you expected.
  • Take a stroll – Take a lengthy walk around the room, taking into consideration whether you’ll need to climb the stairs or ascend a slope to get into a beautiful bridal photo spot on the big day.

What Should I Do If My Wedding Dress Doesn’t Fit?

Don’t get too worked up if you find yourself unable to do all of the tasks on the above list. Most of the time, the stylist, the boutique’s employees such as the ones from Nurj Bridal, or the individual performing the adjustments will be able to help. Alternatively, you’ll either have to keep in mind not to raise your arms too high on the wedding day or entertain the idea of a tear or two by the time you reach the reception hall. It’s critical that you feel at ease in your gown, however, some things, such as needing to bring a companion to the toilet with you or having to raise your skirt a little as you walk, must be learned to cope with.

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