Standard Measurements to Design your Marble Countertops


The kitchen has changed from an open fireplace outdoors to an enclosed space inside a home over the years. As a result, it is possible to stand in a well-ventilated, well-equipped kitchen with cabinets and a small sink to make quick meals. This result is the product of complex yet tried and actual research. Engineers have worked for years to create standard kitchen dimensions that make it easy for people to cook. So, ergonomic kitchens were designed to avoid unnatural and potentially harmful positions.

  1.     Countertop & sink
  2.     Standard dimensions
  3.     Overhead cabinets
  4.     Base cabinets
  5.     Tall units
  6.     Kitchen Island
  7.     Kitchen window
  8.     Breakfast counter
  9.     Backsplash

1. Countertop & sink:

The sink and countertop were the first components to standardize a modular kitchen. The kitchen counter height will depend on the size of each person who uses the kitchen. A 15 cm gap should exist between your elbow height, countertop, and counter. However, the sink will almost always be the same height at the counter as the kitchen marble countertops. So, the best depth for a sink, however, is 56 cm.

Standard dimensions:

Height: 72 cm

Widths: 60-90 – 100-120 cm

Depth : 56 cm

2. Overhead cabinets:

Don’t strain your back! You can store things that you don’t often use in the loft. While the wall cabinets can be used to store frequently used ingredients or utensils, the lowest rank of the wall cabinet is where you can keep cooking spoons, spatulas, and essential elements like sugar and salt.

Standard measurements:

Height: 30 – 36 – 60 – 72 – 90 cm

Widths: 40-45 – 50- 60 – 80 – 90 cm

Depths: – 32 cm

3. Base cabinets:

Base cabinets are very easy to use. These are typically used to store pans and pots in kitchens. If you want a modular kitchen, you will need to know the standard sizes of base cabinets. However, contrary to its obvious purpose, which is storage, base cabinets also play an essential role in easy access in a cooking area. So, many kitchens include base units that measure 36 to 85cm, inclusive of marble countertops.

Standard measurements:

Height: 36-85 cm

Width: 15-20 – 25-30-30 – 40-45 – 50-60 – 90-100 120 cm

Depth: 41-56 cm

4. Tall units:

Tall units, but not too high. Nobody enjoys going to the grocery store every time they cook. However, these are where tall units can come in. So, these units are suitable for those with slight height differences and are used for non-refrigerated grocery goods.

Standard measurements:

Height: 1960-2080 cm

Widths: 450 – 600 cm

Depth: 560 cm

5. Kitchen Island:

A multipurpose element with the correct dimensions. Here are some interesting facts about island counters. So, kitchen islands should be equal in height to the countertops. However, a kitchen island should be at the same height as the countertop. So, this makes it easy to stand and work on.

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Standard measurements:

Height: 72 cm

Widths: 60-90 – 100, 120, and 120 cm

Depth: 56 cm

6. Kitchen window:

A necessity in every kitchen. A kitchen window was once used for quick disposal of wet waste. Modern kitchen windows are more open and allow in natural light. So, the optimal height for a kitchen window is 90cm from the floor.

7. Breakfast counter:

Highchairs for the high counter. For many reasons, the breakfast counter sits 15-30cm higher than the counter. However, it is used to cover up any spilled countertop and can sometimes double as a room partition. So, the breakfast counter sits more heightened than usual to allow for your knees as you eat in a hurry to make it more ergonomic.

8. Backsplash:

The area between the wall and the lower cabinets. Backsplashes can add more to a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. It is made of easy-to-clean materials since the space between the base and wall cabinets are susceptible to oil and water spillages. In addition, 60 cm is the ideal height for a backsplash.

Some kitchens are just like clothes. So, there are no longer standard kitchen dimensions that prevent people of unusual heights and short statures from using them. However, these kitchens can be both child-friendly.

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To recap, what is a standard countertop depth for marble countertops? This can be customized based on your height or size. The dimensions of your kitchen countertops will depend on how deep your kitchen appliances are, the depth of your backsplash, and the depth of your cabinets. In addition, the height of the upper shelf clearance from your countertop is about 15-20. So, an excellent addition to any kitchen is a kitchen island. With this information regarding standard kitchen counter depths, widths, and heights, you should be able to build or renovate your kitchen with ease.


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