A Brief Guide On Removing Marble Floor Tiles At Home

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outdoor tiles

Marble is no doubt the most beautiful and elegant material of choice. So, it is said to be an elegant material. But obviously, every building material gets torn off with the passage of time. Likewise, if your marble floor got cracked. However, Carrara gold Marble is no doubt a durable marble choice. But you need to remove and install a new one. 

Thus, you will have two options. With installing a whole new marble floor by removing the old marble. Moreover, you can also layer new flooring material over the old one.

Removing marble floor tiles is such a difficult home renovation project. Thus, you need to remove the bad marble floor without any choice.

List Of Content:

  1. Equipment / Tools
  2. Steps To Remove Marble Floor Tiles
  3. Where To Buy Carrara White Marble
  4. Conclusion

Equipment / Tools:

Following are some high-end materials you need while removing your marble floor.

  • Heavy work gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Sledgehammer
  • Maul Or Hammer
  • Flooring Scraper
  • Aviation Snips Or Tin Snips
  • Masonry Chisel
  • Blade Type Paint Scraper
  • Medium And Heavy Grit Sandpaper
  • Floor Leveling Compound
  • Protective Clothing

Steps To Remove Marble Floor Tiles:

Here are some steps you need to follow to remove the marble tiles.

Floor Smashing:

Start from the central section of the room. So, then use a sledgehammer to smash down marble tiles. Moreover, focus majorly on grout lines as it is the most vulnerable point on the floor.  In addition, make sure to smash the floor with care. As you’re working with a sledgehammer, use it gently. As you want to remove the marble tiles only. Thus, avoid damaging the subfloor as harsh smashing can damage the base of the floor.

Move Away Large Marble Blocks:

Now after smashing down the whole marble floor. Now it is time to remove the big blocks from the floor. Moreover, you can also use a floor scraper to carry away large blocks of marble. You can either use a flat edge or masonry chisel. So, slide up on the side of tiles to pull them off. In addition, you have to work under the mortar to crack the hold of the marble.

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Breakdown The Mesh:

After removing mighty blocks of marble. Moving onto the step where you can read about marble details. So, here you will get to know if marble is installed in a thick mortar bed. The thick mortar is trapped with wire mesh. Thus, you have to break down this messy mesh. For that, you need aviation snips to free it from the floor. 

However, this work is super tiring and tough. But it has some perks. Thus, you can simply pull larger blocks of marble from the floor safely. In addition, safety comes first. So, wear heavy-duty leather gloves. As wire mesh can be super sharp to cut your skin off fingers apart.

Chisel Up The Remnants:

Usually, the sledgehammer is for smashing the tiles. So, if you want to remove the tiles. You need a chisel to do so. Moreover, for small pieces of stubborn, dirty tiles. You can place the cutting edge of the masonry chisel around the bottom of the tile. Thus, tap the handle of the chisel with a hammer. So, this will push the sharp mouth of the chisel under the bottom of the mortar. And will free up the shard.

Leveling The Subfloor:

Leveling the subfloor after removing the marble is a vital step. So, use a flat-blade paint scraper. With the help of it, lift up all the remaining thin layers of mortar. Moreover, you need to use medium and coarse sandpaper to smooth the surface of the subfloor. 

The floor leveling material is also used to repair the damages which occur during the removal procedure. However, make sure to make the subfloor full flat, balanced, even, and free of flaws and defects. 

This makes the floor smooth for installing a new marble floor. Therefore, in some cases, the best trick is to install a thin layer of underlayment material on the subfloor. Thus, to make it suitable for new flooring.

Where To Buy Carrara Gold Marble?

So, finding durable and premium quality marble floor tiles is quite a hectic job. As there are thousands of retailers selling fake and poor-quality marble. Thus, finding one genuine and pure quality marble seller is quite confusing. However, there is one trustee location, the Nesttile.com. They own a wide range of floor tile options. The tiles are not only attractive in color and design. But are super durable, affordable, and enchanting in colors and patterns. So, grab your hands on the enchantingly beautiful Carrara gold Marble for your home floor.


Marble is a name of class and beauty. But they look beautiful only when they are well maintained and clean. However, marble demands a lot of care and maintenance. So, if the marble got stained, scratched, and broken. You need to remove and replace it with a new one. However, removing it with the help of a professional can be so costly. 

Thus, you need to follow some simple steps given above to smash down the old marble floor tiles. Removing floor tiles can be done in a series of steps. From breaking the old floor to leveling the subfloor for new tiles.

A Brief Guide On Removing Marble Floor Tiles At HomeMoreover, you can install Carrara White Marble on your home floor as a newly updated floor. This will not look elegant but will prove to be a timeless beauty.


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