Six Tips To Ace SBI Clerk Exams


A good career in banking and financial industry is every job seeker’s dream, and when that door opens through India’s best public sector bank it is a delight for every job seeker. State Bank Of India (SBI) has opened its door for every job aspirant in this country with its latest notification for filling up 5000 bank clerical vacancies all over India. SBI Clerk has a good pay scale and other perks that makes it one of the most participated competitive exams in the country. Around 10 lakhs of job aspirants take part every year for the exam and only ones who have prepared well for exams crack it. With that in mind we are here sharing five tips to ace SBI Clerk exams and land your dream job.

Start Early

Yes start early, not just three months early but one year early. Students who have started preparing one year early prior to exams have the highest chance of clearing the exams as it will help them to study all the subjects for exams with ease. Most students start 3 or 6 months before exams and cannot properly go through all the subjects and then to revise every topic is a mountain to climb. So start early.

Stick To Timetable

Make a timetable that is comfortable to you, if you are working or studying make a timetable accordingly that gives enough time for studying. A good timetable is one that helps you to cover all the topics and then also give enough time for doing practice tests and also revision. Try to bring a little of every subject every day on your study timetable. Stick to our timetable no matter what, be disciplined.

First Learn Concept Then Start Practice Tests

Since you have put a timetable in place, now it’s time to start studying, try to learn every concept whether it’s from reasoning ability or numerical ability you have to understand all the concepts for successfully cracking the exams. Don’t skip the learning section thinking these are basic study material and go for doing practice tests, without proper understanding of concepts it will be hard to do practice tests.


We have already talked about making time in timetable for revision, revision gives you a good idea about where you are lacking in understanding concepts. Revision also helps to identify how good your memory is and also helps to boost confidence on the subject matter. Revise the topics you studied weekly and monthly.

Do Mock Tests

Now it’s time to start doing mock tests, mock tests should be practiced daily once you have a complete grasp of the subjects. Doing a lot of mock tests helps to improve your speed and accuracy as the brain gets more traction on questions it can easily come up with answers.Mock tests enable us to know the speed of completing question papers, so during exams you won’t be anxious about lack of time. Mock tests also give instant feedback so you can identify mistakes easily and rectify them.

Improve Vocabulary and Grammar

If you are good with English vocabulary and grammar it is an added benefit as 5-6 marks come from it. These are easy marks that can be added to your scorecard, if you are not good at it then start reading daily newspaper editorials. It will help you to improve your vocabulary strength.

With daily practice one could easily get through SBI Clerk exams with ease, always remember these tips before starting to prepare for exams.


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