Selecting a flower stand for a store opening


Opening a retail store selling any kind of product or service is usually risky since the business may not have sufficient customers or face other problems. Hence most people who are starting any kind of business require the goodwill and good wishes of their family, friends and business associates. Usually, when a retail store is opened, the business owner will promote it extensively using advertising and other methods like sending invitations to the event. Many people are interested in sending a flower stand for a grand opening in Singapore if their friends or business associates are opening their new retail store. Some of the considerations while choosing a flower stand are discussed below.

Type of flowers

The flower stands will usually consist of three kinds of flowers along with fillers – fresh flowers, preserved flowers and artificial flowers. Some varieties of fresh flowers like gerberas are inexpensive so they are used in the more affordable flower stands. However, the fresh flowers will usually dry after a week and will be discarded. If the sender wants the recipient to be able to keep the flower stand as decor for a longer period of time he should send flower stands with artificial flowers or preserved flowers. Though these flower stands may be slightly more expensive, they can be used for months or years for decoration.

Flower varieties

Another consideration which determines the cost of the flower stand is the types of flowers which are being used. Gerberas and eustomas are used extensively in inexpensive flower stand along with fillers like foliage. Slightly more expensive stands will include other flowers like roses, hydrangea, alstroemeria and fillers. They may also include artificial flowers. The most expensive flower stands are using expensive flowers like orchids, anthurium, cymbidium, and roses. These expensive stands will also have a larger number of roses, often bigger in size and with a colour which is rarely found.

Stand size

Another factor which affects the pricing of the flower stand is the size of the flower stand. The seller will usually specify the dimensions of the flower stand in terms of height and length so that the sender can visualise the flower stand. For a small shop, many senders may choose a flower stand which is less than one metre in height. However, most of the flower stands have a height of between 1.5 metres and 1.65 metres. The length of the flower stand is often between 90 to 100 cm. The photos of the flower stand provided will also give information about the flower, foliage combination and how it is arranged.

Other factors

For some flower stands, the sender can choose between fresh and other flowers, though this option is not available for many flower stands. He can also specify whether he wishes to send a message to the recipient or remain anonymous. Typically orders which are placed before 1 pm or earlier are delivered on the same day to the address specified in Singapore. For delivery on weekends, the order should be placed before 1 pm on Friday. The photo provided is only indicative of the flowers which will be used in the stand. In case the flowers are not available, alternate flowers may be used.


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