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New Powerful Equilibrium Acoustic Exhibit

Whether overhauling your home theater arrangement with a high level Atmos setup or getting a charge out of music, Dynamic Equilibrium guarantees a rich, spotless, full-range sound regardless of what you’re paying attention to. This licensed innovation takes out issues that lessen speaker execution.

Custom Mid-Reach Drivers

Mica-built up polypropylene cones with butyl elastic encompass, monstrous clay engine designs and high-temperature Conex fiber bugs consolidate to make drivers of particularly high productivity, for perfect, clear bass, better linearity, lower bending and more prominent solidness.

High-Goal Sound Execution

Our recently planned Terylene vault tweeter conveys clear and itemized high recurrence reaction for reasonable generation of vocals and instruments. Affirmed and fit for conveying 40kHz to help the most recent high goal sound records so it seems like your ok there in the studio or show lobby.

American Current Styling

Bended edges offer a sexy yet strong look that fits with any home stylistic theme — accessible in a dazzling dark washed pecan finish.

Restrictive Polk Power Port Profound Bass Innovation

Power Port® is our licensed plan that easily advances the wind current from the speaker’s port into your listening region. It likewise broadens the general bass port, giving more prominent surface region to take out choppiness and mutilation, for greater, more melodic, profound bass effect. Besides, it offers 3dB more bass reaction yield than a customary port.

Four-Driver Flowing Tightened Hybrid Cluster

Gives you a consistent, similar soundstage regardless of where you’re situated in your listening room. There’s not any more perfect balance — all things being equal, it’s inside and out you.

Quality Made Bureau Plan

Solid, inflexible and acoustically dormant nook decreases undesirable interior standing waves for less discernible tinge. Furthermore, non-resounding Meddite MDF development, with additional supporting and least thick bewilders, guarantees a more similar sound.


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