Peridot – Beauty That Deserves The Attention of Gem Lovers


This cool gemstone is the perfect summer buddy for your wandering soul. The soothing energies, rich lime-green color, and formation of peridot have caught the attention of gemmologists. In fact, the rarity has made it one of the reputed stones in the international gem market. Refer to this as “peridona or faridat”; it is widely accepted as a plentiful gem for zesty jewelry admirers.

Peridot – A Mars Stone

The discovery of peridot is enough to thrill the minds of buyers. Apart from its presence in the meteorite, peridot is available on planet mars. And some pictures made it substantial around the globe, which was taken in almost 30,000 sq km in the area known as Nili Fossae. This creation was formed nearly 3.6 billion years after crashing an asteroid, thus leaving the crater of disclosing peridot. And NASA detected this mineral discovery with the help of an instrument. Even some of its traces were found on the moon.

Where is it Found?

You should also thank the hot magma for bringing up this gem to the earth’s surface. As the volcanic eruptions are the result of its availability in areas like – Hawai, Australia, Mexico, and brazil. And that’s why it’s referred to as “the tears of the volcanic goddess.”

Little Depth Inside The Stone

The double refractive index of peridot lies between 1.65 to 1.69, which signifies the ray of light. The RI captures the single beam and breaks it apart into two rays. This seems like the doubling effect of inclusions and facet junction. You could see it more clearly under magnification. While doubling is evident, you may see the excluding of stimulants such as plastic and glass from peridot. 

Interesting Inclusions Within Peridot

The Flowery Fact of Peridot:

As strange as it may sound, but the golden-green hue of peridot resembles a lot like lily pads or water lily. This flowery inclusion characteristic is not common in other gemstones. During their growth process, they tend to form liquid inclusions. And as mentioned above, due to the high refractive index, peridot displays doubling inclusions.

Chromite Crystals:

Second well-known inclusion is chromite crystals. Black crystal makes a gem look different. They are basically cubes that have stress cracks over them and are also known as tensions halos. These halos are the result of stress.

Must Know Facts of Real Peridot Jewelry

Peridot ranges from 6.5 on the Mohs scale and is relatively tough on jewelry making. This hardness allows it the versatility to be worn on an everyday or special basis. But it is relatively soft than other gemstones. Thus required to be protected in some metal settings. And with rananjay exports, you can get the best quality 925 sterling silver peridot jewelry. You may even pick rose gold settings to enhance its appearance with security.

But with a couple of advantages comes one drawback. The resizing becomes an issue as this gem is heat-sensitive even from the jewelry’s torch. Because more heat contact will undoubtedly cause the stone to alter its physical appearance, with the expansion of liquid inclusions within it. And the increase of unusual inclusions means less value.

Healing Power of Peridot

Physical Healing:

Peridot is a true healer and certainly a natural calmer which can be an essential help for your liver, digestive, and gall bladder issues. Perhaps its enchanting color is pretty much in the sink with its detoxifying abilities. Peridot jewelry acts as the perfect tonic for strong health, especially when it’s about curing and ensuring strength and metabolism.

It regenerates the tissues and cells, thus stimulates immunity. An effective gem for the endocrine and adrenal systems. A great aid for muscle contraction and inner pain. Also, this gem is highly beneficial in treating skin disorders and brings a lost glow to the face. You can wear the peridot accessories during the challenging physical phase of your life.

Mental Healing:

Peridot is a blooming gem that brings light and gives a path to the soul. When it comes to healing than it’s tough to ignore the mental consideration of this stone. It beautifully stabilizes moods and encourages one to live a healthy lifestyle. With its extraordinary grounding powers, peridot excels in dispelling jealously, ignorance, and stress from the wearer.

It helps you get rid of that extra emotional baggage and anxiety in the simplest juggles of life when worn as peridot rings. Even it provides you the solution in the problematic situation, thus a helpful creation for souls struggling with mental burdens.

Where to Buy it?

Rananjay Exports deals in the best quality peridot jewelry to offer you uniqueness in complete authenticity and affordability. Peridot is known for its color, features, and inclusions. Along with the shimmer in its variety of accessories ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings, to TheBracelets. A perfect place for retailers to upscale their wholesale peridot jewelry and to experience the leisure in online shopping.

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