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Is it true that you are mindful of the most current Nick All Star Brawl Tier List? On the off chance that not, read this article completely.

Would you if it’s not too much trouble, love to have any data on a supported battling game? Then, at that point, generously go through this review for top to bottom subtleties.

In the United States, adolescents are exceptionally eager to recognize the most recent update on Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. As of late, this current game’s level rundown has advanced, which acquaints us with the various characters. Additionally, the players will uphold their main players, expanding the game’s image picture.

Thus, today, we have chosen to uncover the most recent signs on Nick All Star Brawl Tier List. Look at it now.

Presenting The Game

Reports have uncovered that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a web based battling game with all the most loved Nickelodeon characters in a single spot. Additionally, it is the principal computer game created by Ludosity and Fair Play Labs.

The game was delivered on the fourth of October, 2021, to command a lot of notice from the watchers and gamers. In addition, 20 characters from the 13 Nickelodeon series will play 20 distinct stages to win the leaderboards.

How Does The Tier List Work?

Scratch All Star Brawl Tier List is ordered into four levels to decide the prevalent from different characters. Going through the table, we give an unpleasant thought of what characters are put in a specific level and why?

Tiers Characteristics

S-Tier The players in this part are incomparable with a few advantages, which is not difficult to gather.

A-Tier Good characters have been remembered for this gathering since it is utilized to forestall troubles.

B-Tier The characters of the locale are insufficient in specific regions.

C-Tier Average players are set in this level with less capacities.

D-Tier It incorporates Patrick Star.

Most recent Nick All Star Brawl Tier List


It incorporates Oblina and Catdog as they are very basic. Also, Oblina has the best abilities, while the Catdog has not many simple kills.


Sandy, Leonardo and April are the most loved characters for most players; notwithstanding, Sandy is known for her hitboxes look, though Leonardo is famous for airborne abilities.

Furthermore, April has stirred up abilities.

Aside from this, some different players included are Korra, Lucy Loud, Invader Zim, Powdered Toastman and Aang.


It incorporates Danny Phantom, Helga, Michelangelo, Spongebob, Lincoln Loud and Ren and Stimpy. In this Nick All Star Brawl Tier List, Danny Phantom has the best abilities and Spongebob is made like a glass cannon.


The characters are slow and furnished with terrible arrangements. Moreover, it incorporates Reptar, Toph, and Nigel Thornberry.


Patrick Star is certainly not a decent player in the series and has been set in this level due to terrible ranges of abilities.

Gamers’ Reaction

Most players have bestowed their adored person of the series and are eager to see more game updates.

The Final Words

In this article on Nick All Star Brawl Tier List, we have given nitty gritty data on Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, including its delivery date. Be that as it may, the designers have refreshed this game, giving it a level rundown to rank the players as per effectiveness.


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