Methods of Successful Telephone Sales


In the era of technology 4.0 when there are too many methods to reach modern customers such as digital marketing strategies, KOLs, Pricing plans, Coupons and discount programs, etc., the successful telephone sales method is still proved to be an extremely effective access channel in a number of industries.

How to make a successful phone sale

The pitch is the moment that determines whether your call is successful or not. When you connect with customers, you only have 4 seconds to make a good impression. If the customer likes your recommendation, you’ll have more time to pitch. Otherwise, you will be sent to the sales prison with no one to save you.

And now, when people consider calling strangers spam, you need to know the tricks to stand out more and have more time.

You can become an internet detective before you start calling clients. With all the tools you know, do thorough research on the customer persona. In the 4.0 era, customers rarely ask: “Where did you get my name and phone number from?” Search engines will help you quickly learn about your customers.

Effective telemarketing is your introduction written about your customer and related information, not a general introduction.

Create your unique way of offering, use strong, simple words, short sentences, and clear communication, then you have won this offer.

Take a look at two ways to introduce the same thing, see Which is easier for customers to understand?

  • Tout in complex language: By providing the only secure trading platform in the industry, our solution gives companies the ability to create standard rules that combine both static and dynamic rules as well as the ability to change direction when the company needs.
  • Offer strong words: Our company has grown continuously over the past 10 years, and customers like Disney, EDS, Ford, Apple, and others are relying on our enterprise solutions. We deliver amazing results to our clients, including….

Using complicated, lengthy language will only distance customers and make them think you are hiding something from them.

Straightforward introduction, strong language, and straight to the point, making the prospect no longer doubt who you are.

Some powerful phrases like a best seller, successful, superior, innovative, quality, ideal, achieved, proven, result, achievement, solution, special, unique, adjusted, powerful, more, stronger, growth, indispensable, expert, special needs, complex, new, latest, invented, easy, effortless, simple, convenient, little more, speed, less time consuming, efficient, fast, low cost, economical, precise, controllable, comprehensive, flexible, compatible, reliable, safe, loyal, solid, support, satisfied, replacement.

Save these powerful phrases to include in your telemarketing that will be very effective!

However, success from the first call is very rare, so you have to apply this offer many times. Each approach has its value, its message, but must ensure that each message includes an answer to the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why, where and why) as well as the word: how 

  • Whom are you calling (whom)?
  • What is the purpose of your call?
  • When do you call (when)?
  • Where do you think they will receive this call?
  • Why are you calling (why)?
  • How do you want the customer to respond?

Always remember to catch the correct WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) client’s post. Remember to always include benefits information in your offer. In addition to offering over the phone, you can use many different communication methods to reach customers such as voicemail, email, SMS.

How to ask questions in phone sales

Asking questions is your first chance to learn about your customers and surroundings. Your questions are seen as your eyes on the phone. Asking questions is an essential skill for uncovering needs and opportunities with customers. Good questioning skills will instantly put you on top of the call and bring in the deal. Weak questioning skills will destroy even the best sales opportunity

For your call to bring in a contract, save the following Questioning Tactics!

  1. Put information in calls to get it out: Take advantage of sales enablement tools and always be prepared for a deeper due diligence process.
  2. Always remember that you need quality, not quantity: Don’t let criteria, KPIs discourage you and refuse to get to know your customers. If you let go of sales opportunities too soon, you will miss out on potential opportunities.
  3. Plan to ask questions. Set a goal before you call: You have to know exactly what you need to help the customer. Be prepared with additional questions, and be clear about the ideas you want to develop as you craft your questions.
  4. Please feel free to exchange. Good questions improve the conversation, and the conversation improves the chances of a successful sale. You should respond to the customer’s response and build on that. If your questions are survey-oriented, customers will feel they are being questioned. Take the time to listen to the answer instead of thinking about what you will ask next.
  5. Don’t use manipulative questions: Avoid questions that cause tension and make your customers think you’re just trying to sell them products. Remember that you want to help them buy, not force them to buy.
  6. Speak clearly and succinctly and ask the question just once: Use simple, strong, short, concise words to get the point across.
  7. After asking a question, be quiet, listen to what the customer has to say: Focus on listening to the customer to understand them.
  8. Help the customer focus on the answer. Use words like “definition”, “explanation” to focus on a particular topic, and thereby help the listener to describe more clearly instead of going off-topic and constantly complaining.


For each business, the approach will have different ways, especially for tele sales, which is a method that is still very effective if you are know-how. You can refer to other creative ways such as combining tele sales to introduce online promotions that we are providing or introducing customer gratitude gift programs. That’s how to optimize tele sales create a Method of Successful Telephone Sales


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