Merle French Bulldog


French Bulldogs impress with an abundance of colors: fawn, blue, black, red, cream and many others. When choosing a dog, it is important to remember that some colors are taken into account by the breed standard, while others are not, that is, they are considered a marriage. Therefore, if the animal is planned to exhibit, you need to carefully understand the colors.

Merle French Bulldog puppy for sale has a marbled coat color. The breed standard does not recognize it. Bulldogs are unevenly colored, there are three colors, fuzzy spots of different sizes and shades on the body, most often coffee, brown and white alternate. When merle color, as a rule, there is no usual mask on the muzzle, dogs often have eyes of different colors. If such features can only please bulldog owners, then cynologists consider merle a genetic deviation.

How do puppies change with age?

When choosing a puppy, it is important to remember that newborn bulldogs have a color that will change with age. The main color is visible immediately, but it is possible to understand whether the dog will meet all breed standards only after a while. By two months, spots and other marks will already be clearly visible on the body. Until six months, the puppy will form a body relief, muscle mass. By 7 months, the mask on the muzzle will appear (if present). And only by 11 months the color will be pronounced, it will become close to the color with which the bulldog will live all his life.

If a puppy is acquired from purebred parents, then its color can be understood based on the pedigree. The breeder will show all relevant documents to ensure that the puppy was born from parents without dominant blue, lilac genes.

Color care

There is no big difference in the care of dogs of different colors. The only thing is that dark-colored dogs are less easily soiled, but you can not notice parasites on the coat, and light-colored animals require more hair care so as not to look dirty and untidy. But still, if a puppy of a rare, exotic color is bought, you need to especially carefully monitor its state of health – genetic abnormalities can also lead to genetic diseases. There is also an opinion that tiger bulldogs are stronger, more mobile and stubborn. There are no differences in training and feeding.


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