JDM License plate frame – Great personalized gift


So it’s hard to buy someone on your gift list and you’re not sure what in the world you’ll get. Consider something for their car. If you have unusual people, give them an unusual gift.

JDM License plate frames really make great gifts and one that the recipient will love using for the coming year. Also, if you have someone who just bought a new car, get them a license plate frame suitable for that new ride. Anyone who really spends a lot of time and money on their car, consider a very special 24K gold plated license plate frame. It will add a real air of luxury to any installed automobile.

You can engrave a fun phrase of your choice on the hard chrome jdm license plate frame. The frame is made of 13-ounce hard brass and then coated with hard chromium to give it a long-lasting polished and refined look. The letters are cut directly into the frame and then permanently filled with glossy black, red, white, or blue.

Custom jdm license plate frames can be a great fundraising activity for your organization or as an advertisement for your company. You can cast your custom logos and characters on the chrome-plated zinc die-cast frame. Your custom lettering and logo are actually part of the frame. The process is purely artistic from start to finish. A mold is created with your artwork and then zinc heated to over 1,000 degrees is poured into the mold to form a kind of sturdy license plate frame. If you own a company and have company transportation, this is a great way to promote consistency in your selling power as well as create a compelling way to keep your company name or your organization succeeds. This type of custom casting order has a minimum order quantity of two hundred pieces.

Last but not least, for those who prefer something luxurious yet elegant, consider an all-metal, zinc-plated license plate in basic black that won’t draw too much attention. Italian but will give a royal air to any car. It is placed.

If you’re trying to bring a special gift to someone or you want a unique way to advertise your company or raise money for your cause, consider a new license plate frame. Personalized or simple, they always make an outstanding gift!

  JDM license plate holder and Japanese license plate

Here’s a picture of my PA number plate screwed onto the JDM “Forrester” license plate holder on the back of my car. We drilled holes 7 inches apart in the JDM plate holder to accommodate the US domestic plate and the vibrator. The JDM License Plate Holder is a bit larger than the US Domestic Plate Holder but I love watching the Chrome Tubular Plate Holder so now I have both the front and back of the Foz.

  It’s been such a long story. I contacted Pleiad 7 about purchasing a front license plate adapter and in the process I noticed on the website that he has a “Forrester” JDM license plate holder that he used with a license plate adapter to keep the California license plate in front of your car. Originally I wanted one of the shocks bumper plate mounts and needed to put something in there and needed its plate adapter to mount it on the front bumper using an 8-inch hole instead of 7 inches.

After researching actual Japanese discs on eBay, I came across a guy who was selling JDM “Forrester” discs. So I decided to forget about Bump StockX. The eBay seller wanted $110 including shipping, so I said and asked him if he would just sell me one which he happily agreed to do for $65. After placing my eBay order, he emailed me and said I would send them both for the same price for a total of $65 including shipping! What a nice guy to do that. I used a second JDM license plate holder and drilled a 7-inch hole in the frame and attached it to my PA plate in the back of the car and of course my JDM in the front as there is no front license plate in the state of Pennsylvania.

I bought this disc on eBay with the winning bid of $29.99 and shipping for 5 pieces. The JDM plate is mounted using a rubber 10/32 nut and a 3/4 inch sheet metal screw following Pleiad7 advice and instructions.

However, these rubber nuts are like gold and cannot be found at 10/32 in the Philly area so I ordered them at a store called Fastenal. The good nut must use a lot of pressure to get into the pre-drilled hole. I used some sandpaper to open the holes a bit.

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