Is there a way to schedule Google posts?


Google has made things easier now for many businesses today. A lot of Businesses today make google business listings as google profiles. Google has made this possible by using my business scheduling tools and program. This helps post services, products, offers, and events directly to google search. When someone searches your business name on google, Google My Business shows up; this enhances an easy way to optimize and manage your google profile. Google My Business is a free platform that Google made to help businesses direct search results that convey when someone searches your business name and helps the business schedule local posts. Companies can oversee contacts, reviews, open hours, and photos shown in Google searches. 

Google My Business is essential in every business as it plays a substantial role in local search engine optimization. Some companies are yet to get free Google My Business Listing, leaving those who have to stand out from the crowd. Below are tools that help you schedule your google business post.


Planable is an integration tool that can help to schedule your post. All you need is to sign up to Google My Business and Planable. Add your account. Tap on add pages, google my business, and last login with your account.

The way you schedule any of your social networks, you can also plan your Google my Business on Planable. You decide how your feed will look on the platform; for instance, you can go for a feed view or calendar view. You can set special characters for clients and teams to avoid obstacles and confusion. You can use Planable to schedule on your social media pages like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and google my business.


You can schedule your post to Google my Business using Sendible. You start by connecting this tool to your Google My Business account. Sendible allows businesses to post content directly to Google search results.

Like any other social media platform, you can plan your posts to Google my Business on Sendible. Alternatives pop up below each post, giving you an option on CTA you would like to use. If your post has a link, you can create a button on your Google my Business post when it gets published, taking visitors to your link.

Social Pilot

For excellent local marketing, you can use a social pilot. When posting new updates and news, you can use this and let every visitor watch your business. Link this tool with your Google My Business for the best results.

Put a call to action to your post to win clients to visit our site or the product page. You can make it appear more attractive by adding pictures or positive customer reviews to attract more clicks on your google business page.

One UP

One Up enables you to schedule and publish your post by boosting traffic and growth. It allows you to add a bar and select whether to post it once or post it at your desired times. Even an option to post it now or schedule another time.

You can create different groups of accounts and organize and filter them to your choice. It has a calendar view that gives updates on all upcoming posts. And you have an option to edit, drag or drop.


Dbaplatform is a powerful marketing automation tool used by agencies, franchises, and brands to synchronize and release content distribution through their local traders’ routes. This platform has private API access for google My Business.

You can enhance your listing effortlessly across your locations. You can schedule and create all Google My Business Posts and publish them to thousands of sites with a single tap.

Promote public

Promoting the public is another tool you can use. Although this tool has limitations to the number of locations used, it is still a great addition. Only verified areas can be connected to this tool. You have to connect this to your Google My Business account.

Every post you make using Promote public goes in the “what is new” part of Google My Business. Your post can contain up to 1500 words of text and an image.

These tools can help you schedule your google business post and remain more competitive. You can schedule local posts to help to increase your visibility to your customers. This software will automate your Google Business Profile Posting and ensure you have fresh content in each posting. It also enables you to connect all your Google My Business accounts to one dashboard, managing many posts simultaneously.


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