Is Birth Control Safe?


Have you ever tried using a birth control pill? Do you think it is safe? The answers to these questions is what you are set to discover in this piece.

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Overview of this article:

  • What is birth control?
  • Types of birth control.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of birth control.

For starters;

What Is Birth Control?

Birth control is a medical practice that involves using a contraceptive to prevent pregnancies. This is used by women to control how they give birth and also plan the family. Birth control is practiced nearly in every country around the world thereby acting as a tool to regulate the world population.

Types Of Birth Control


These are recalled pills because of their form. It can be taken orally by women to control pregnancies. The pills come in two types; one contains progestin and another that contains estrogen and progestin together. 


Birth control can come in the form of injections. Sometimes these injections are taken at intervals, maybe three months or thereabout. There are also times when they’d have to insert some kind of medication into the arm of the individual for a particular period and then take it out after the expiration of that time.

Having seen the types of birth control pills, it is best to know their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Birth Control

Prevention of pregnancies:

Using birth control pills helps in ensuring that a lady does not get pregnant after having sex. This is one practice that has been legalized by the medical field to prevent unwanted pregnancy and also regulate the population.

Control menstrual cycle:

Using the control pills is capable of controlling the menstrual cycle of a lady. This is because of some components the pill contains.

It reduces the spread of cancer around the private part of the lady:

Birth Control pills are capable of preventing ovarian cancer and others associated with the private part of a lady.

Disadvantages Of Birth Control

There’s a popular saying that quotes ‘whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage. Highlighted below are the disadvantages of birth control;


Nausea is a common effect of using birth control pills. This could affect those mainly with allergies.


Headache is also a common effect of using birth control. It is advisable to consult your practitioner if the pain persists. 

The disadvantages of using birth control pills are some of the regular things that females might experience during menstruation. 


Is Birth Control Safe?

We can conclude that birth control is a safe practice and it should be incorporated to regulate birth and also control the world population. 

However, this may not completely ease your worries, but rest assured it should make you feel better about the procedure.

Beware; sometimes overusing these pills might cause serious complications that might potentially cause damage to your system

If you keep using them without control, you might end up harming yourself.


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