Is Exness Scam Or A Legit Forex Broker? An honest Review


Exness is a flourishing name in the world of foreign exchange trade. Launched in 2008, the firm has continued to gain a decent number of customers quickly.

Besides, the firm promised to offer premium services such as fast customer support, low spreads and fees, and diverse types of accounts.

However, the question here is, ” is Exness brokers scam, or is it a legit foreign exchange broker?”. Hence, if you are one of those people who are up to find an answer to the same question, then look no further as you have already found yourself the correct article.

In this article, you will find a detailed answer to the question in the form of a detailed and honest review. In addition, the review contains all of the reasons that define the Exness broker as a legit or a scam firm. So, let us take a deep dive into the review. 

Exness broker- safe or not?

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  1. Exness broker anyalysis 
  2. Is Exness scam or a legit broker firm?
  3. Reasons  to call the firm scam/ legit

Exness brokers analysis

We cannot call any firm a legit or fraud unless we are done with its complete analysis. Furthermore, the analysis also aids in confirming the decision taken as a right. Thus here is the complete analysis of the firm.

A brief history 

The firm came into being in 2008, and the names behind its launch are “ Petr Valov and “Igor Lychagov.” Other co-founders include a group of fine-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology. 

Although the firm is new in the forex trade market, it still has managed to gain a significant position in the forex market worldwide. 

Growth rate

Exness has managed to boost its growth, making itself one of the top-notch forex brokers of the world. The major reason for success lies within the diversity of accounts and other services that it offers, such as a wide range of trading instruments. 

The firm itself has claimed the systematic improvement of trading conditions as the key to Exness group’s long-term success.

Trade volume

Exness has proved itself efficient enough to build the trade volume of 785 billion US dollars every month in today’s date. Moreover, its monthly trading volume reached 673.6 billion US dollars by the end of 2020 ( which was only 12 years after its launch).


Exness proudly called itself an award-winning firm; thus, it is obvious that they have got some recognizing awards under their belt. The most recognizing awards of all are the award of customer satisfaction and trading technology. 

Regulatory status

Exness brokers have their branches spread over in various countries and cities across the globe, such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, and many more.

The firm is completely regulated and operates under the legal requirements of a country’s law. Furthermore, it has been observed that the firm makes sure that all of its operations are aligned by the regulations.

Furthermore,  different government bodies in different countries oversee the firm’s trading operations. For instance, The Exness corporation operating in Europe is regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) with the registration number 730729. 

Trading system

Exness brokers offer four different types of live trading accounts to their customers. Thus one can choose from them. The firm also offers one demo account ( mainly to the new traders who want to learn trading before investing).

In addition, the company uses two major types of trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 ( MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Also, the firm has different types of instruments available to enable a trader to trade.

Extra features 

Some additional features of Exness corporation include features such as easy registration and signup process. The registration is completely free.

Another extra yet useful feature is the ease of deposit and withdrawal. The firm has a wide range of ways through which you can make a deposit or withdrawal within a short span.

Is Exness scam or a legit brokerage firm?

Now that we have presented the full analysis in front of you, here comes the climax part. So the simple and short answer to this is “YES” it is completely safe and legit firm to shake hands with. 

Here are all the reasons to elaborate this answer even more

Reasons about calling Exness a legit firm

There are countless reasons behind us calling Exness legit. The main reason is its administrative status. As discussed above, the firm is legalized by the local governing authorities of different countries and regions. Thus the firm gets itself free from regulatory doubts.

Another thing to consider over here is its trade volume and number of customers. No firm can pursue trading operations with a huge volume like Exness unless it is a legit brokerage firm.

The third prominent reason is awarded. The experts cannot award any firm in the world until it is fully examined. And Exness has some significant awards under its belt, which solely proves that the firm is completely safe. 

On the bottom line

 To conclude, Exness has emerged as one of the fastest-growing forex broker firms of the era. It has various accounts, low spread and cost rates, high leverage rates, easy signup, deposit, and withdrawal process, and a reputed position in the forex trading world.

However, the major question that still arises in any person’s mind before collaborating with the firm is “ IS THE FIRM EVEN LEGIT AND SAFE?” We have presented the detailed answer to this question for your ease.

The firm has been observed to be completely safe and legal for various reasons such as premium service, recognizing awards, the huge trade volume, the rising number of their customers, and most importantly, their regulatory status.So now that you have a complete overview of the firm, we recommend shaking hands to maximize your profit generation in the least possible time.  However forex trade requires immense amount of smart work, so don’t forget to do that. Click the link to read more about the usd vs zar.


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