Industrial Rotary Potentiometer Wholesale Manufacturer

Industrial Rotary Potentiometer Wholesale Manufacturer

Industrial rotary potentiometers are an essential part of any manufacturing process. They measure and control temperature, pressure, and other variables. You can purchase them in bulk quantities to meet your production requirements. You can also order them for special applications. For more information, contact Linquip, a wholesale manufacturer of potentiometers located in Huizhou City, China.

Dongguan Sunny Electronics Technology Co. Ltd

Industrial rotary potentiometers are electronic components that are used in electronic instruments and controls. These components have a high degree of precision. They are widely used in automobiles, communication devices, medical equipment, and toys. They are also used in audio, video, and equipment. Their products are known for their professionalism and precision.

Huizhou City HongYu High-Tech Electronics Co. Ltd

The HongYu High-Tech Electronics Co Ltd is located in Huizhou City, China. It deals in Potentiometers and other electronic components. Its products are used in various fields, including automotive, household appliances, and digital cameras. In addition to potentiometers, HongYu produces switches and encoders.

The company has a staff of about 50 professionals and 200-production personnel. It has imported 5 advanced automatic production equipments, 4 advanced and efficient assembly lines, and modern on-line testing equipment. It has completed all research and development. It also possesses high-end production and sales equipment.

Other companies based in Huizhou include Huizhou Xingxi Trading Co., Ltd, and Yidingcheng Network Technology Co. Ltd., which operate in Huicheng District. Another Huizhou company is the Huicheng Shoe Industry.

Changzhou Beiter Electronic Co. Ltd

An industrial rotary potentiometer is a highly versatile device used to measure electric current and resistance. It is typically made of carbon composition, conductive plastic, or wire-wound elements. It can operate at high temperatures and can last up to three million rotations. Some potentiometers are made to suit specific needs, such as temperature regulation and power supply.

An industrial rotary potentiometer contains two terminal contacts and a semi-circular resistance. The semi-circular resistance is connected to the middle terminal by a sliding contact. The rotary knob is turned to change the resistance, and voltage is measured between the end contacts. An industrial rotary potentiometer is often used in substation battery chargers and to regulate voltage levels.

Merchant Corporation Ltd

Industrial rotary potentiometers are a versatile and highly accurate tool. They come in different forms and can be analog or digital. The MP20/21 series potentiometers are compact, durable, and IP65-rated. The RP19/20 series is also very accurate and is ideal for high-precision applications.

Potentiometers are used to measure temperature and conduct current. In many industries, the temperature level of an object is measured through this device. Potentiometers are widely used in manufacturing and are important for measuring current. The CTS line offers various types of potentiometers, including dimmer potentiometers, trimmers, and rotary potentiometers. They are able to operate in a variety of temperatures and have up to 3 million cycles of operation.

Canal Components Inc.

An Industrial rotary potentiometer is an electronic component that varies the position of a sliding contact across a uniform resistance. An input voltage is applied across the entire length of the resistor, and the output voltage is the difference between the voltage applied across the sliding contact and the voltage applied across the fixed contact. Potentiometers are made to withstand extreme temperatures and have a rotational life of 3 million cycles.

A rotary-type potentiometer has two terminal contacts connected to a semi-circular resistance. A sliding contact is connected to the middle terminal. A rotary knob is then used to turn a sliding contact over the half-circular resistance. The voltage obtained by the potentiometer is then compared to the difference between the two end resistance contacts. A potentiometer is a commonly used component in many electrical applications and is used to control voltage levels and maintain a smooth output.

Dongguan Changtaier Electronics Co. Ltd

If you’re searching for industrial rotary potentiometer wholesale suppliers, look no further than Dongguan Changtaier Electronic Co. Ltd. Founded in 1997, this company develops and manufactures potentiometers and other electronic switches. In 2004, it formed a joint venture with HongTai Electronics Co. Ltd to form HongTai Electronics (Dongguan) Co. Ltd.


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