Can Vices Really Destroy Your Teeth?


Vices or bad habits are considered bad for a reason, right? There are many people who do vape, but they have always read about how dangerous this is to their overall health. What cannot be disputed is that vices damage our health in more ways than we can understand. We might think that indulging in excessive sugary treats every day is okay provided that we brush our teeth regularly. The thing is, there is a link between vices and teeth health, and the more vices you engage in, the more damage you will do to your teeth.

Vices that are considered risky for your teeth.

1.Tobacco and vaping

Smoking has negative effects on your health and makes your teeth yellow. Since the mouth is the entry point of tobacco products into the body, the effect of tobacco on oral health can be severe. All kinds of tobacco cause an increase in the occurrence of periodontal diseases and cancer. Nicotine leads to the constriction of the muscular walls in your blood, and this reduces the rate at which important nutrients and elements flow into other parts of the body. Tobacco also makes the mouth dry and damages the tissues that are found in the mouth.


Alcohol causes serious damage to your body, especially when taken in excess. Too much alcohol makes the mouth dry and reduces the amount of saliva that is produced in the mouth. This can lead to an increase in the risk of gum ailments that may occur from time to time. Also, darker wines and other types of alcoholic drinks make your teeth discolored. Also, tannins, which are what are used to make wine have a dry taste, can create some sticky areas in your enamel, which makes the surface hold on to bacteria that may cause cavities

3.Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages are highly refreshing, and who doesn’t like a great soft drink? However, any kind of carbonated drink, even those that are sugar-free, increases the amount of acid that is available in the mouth. This may have a negative effect on the enamel. Some carbonated drinks are also high in sugar, and this creates more problems in regard to causing cavities and related dental problems. As a result, it is critical that you limit your consumption of carbonated beverages.Excessive indulgence can be a serious problem.

4.Coffee and tea.

Consuming coffee and tea offers lots of benefits. However, there are a few oral effects that are associated with these drinks that every consumer should be aware of. You need to rinse your mouth with clean water anytime you finish drinking a cup of coffee.


There are people who chew ice. This is considered a vice because it often cracks or chips the teeth, weakens your enamel and causes problems with dental work such as veneers and fillings.


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