Necessary Measures to Improve the American Education System


America is among the most influential countries in the world. Despite setting examples in many sectors, they have some flaws in the education system. It needs to be addressed immediately to make things better. The next generation needs to take the country forward. Without proper education, it will not be possible for them to do so. Countries like America have all the necessary amenities for their citizens and are proud to be an example for other countries. Yet, the education system is not as expected. Before we discuss the measures, it is necessary to understand the flaws in their education system and why it is necessary to make some changes. The experts can help you answer the question, “Who will write my essay?“.

Flaws in the American Education System

The Program for International Student Assessment said that the performance of American teenagers in reading and math has been stagnant since 2000. They also stated that American children are not competent readers, and the achievement gap between the high and low performers have been increasing. But why is it so? The education system of a developed country like America should have been flawless. Yet, if you dig deep into the American education system, you will find these flaws:

  • Less Government funding in schools
  • Safety concerns in school
  • Technology and education
  • Decreased salaries of teachers

The emergence of assignment writing service providers has given students a chance to sail through any project easily. The problem arises when the students ignore going through the solutions and refuse to learn the lessons properly.

An e-poll has reported that 50% of the teenagers in America are afraid of gun violence in school. Safety concerns have been on the rise, along with the decrease in government funding.  90% of the K-12 schools are funded by the state and local governments, with money coming from sales and income taxes.

The alarming situation needs to be controlled immediately, and it is the policymakers who can make the necessary changes. Following are five measures that need to be taken immediately to mend the American education system.

5 Ways to Improve the American Education System

The problems in the American education system are identified and are very alarming. If you are pursuing your education in the United States, you must know to deal with the problems. Professional essay writers who help students with the assignments have also been vocal about the current conditions.  To improve the scenario, we must consider measures from the students as well. It is essential to understand their mindset and take the right step. Following are the five measures suggested by the students.

  1. Less pressure

The massive pressure on students has been a significant problem in the American education system. Students often feel tired of doing the assignments and face difficulties in keeping up with the class. Also, they have to deal with the pressure of doing well in class. The point of focus shifts from actual learning to doing well in the write my assignment class. It is essential to have a good report card, but if there is a lot of pressure on students, they will mug things up without understanding the lessons. The consequence of which is being faced by the American education system.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development published a report in 2015. The information was based on an exam for 15-year olds given by 72 countries. It highlighted the students’ limitations in math, reading and science. Too much pressure on students has been the main reason behind such results.

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  • Limit technology usage in the classroom

The experts are still debating the influence of technology in the modern world. Some look at it as a boon, and some say it is a curse. From some students’ perspectives, technology has been helpful, but it has never helped in learning. They say if there is something they don’t know, they look up to the internet. It gives them the answer, but the process does not help them learn the lesson. For example, if you cannot solve a math problem, use a math problem solver and get it done. It saves time and gets your job done but will not help you learn how to solve the problem.

The students believe if there is a balance between technology and pen, paper usage, things can be better. Students will have the urge to learn more instead of depending on technology. The United States is advanced in all aspects. So, the usage of technology is also higher than in any other country. But, learning should not be highly influenced by this. The students will be able to learn more if there is a balance in technology usage.

  • Real-life lessons

Students are concerned whether the learning will help them in real life. They are tensed with the lessons taught in school. It is essential to teach them real-life lessons as well. The students are clueless about handling real-life problems and are often worried about the future. They do not seem prepared to tackle the outside world after they pass out of school or college.

It has always been essential to give life lessons to students. First, the American education system must look into it and make the necessary changes. Second, the policymakers must feel the importance of such lessons. Finally, the students must relate to the implementation of the lessons taught in school in real life. That way, the education system can turn around.

  • Supporting teachers

It has been noticed that teachers don’t  get paid well in the United States. The policymakers and the government must take this issue seriously. It is essential to keep the teachers motivated. You will be unable to improve the education system if the teachers are not motivated. They can make the change possible. Students look up to their teachers. Hence, it is essential to increase teachers’ salaries and provide all the necessary support.

  • Interactive classroom sessions

The students often complain about some subjects and refrain from learning their lessons. You can make things better if you make the classroom sessions more interactive and engaging. From the students’ perspective, the lessons taught in class can be interesting if the teacher makes them engaging. Boring classes and subjects often have a significant impact on the students. They do not like to study that subject and are unable to keep up with the class.

The American education system must look into these measures for improvement. Education is a priority for any nation, and you need to prepare the next generation to continue with the country’s legacy. The government needs to understand the essence of education and implement all the necessary steps to improve.

Author Bio: Henry Howkins is an essay writing expert associated with, a reputed college essay writing service provider. His experience with the students of America has helped him understand the challenges in the system. He addresses those issues through his blog and is followed by many.  


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