Hydro Jetting to Solve Plumbing Issues


Hydro jetting can help solve issues that result from clogged pipes or sewer lines that do not flow as fast as they ought to. While it can be an effective solution to plumbing issues, this procedure must be done by a certified professional to ensure quality results and to ensure that there is no harm.

The definition of what is a process

Professional plumbers can use hydro jetting service in Seattle to clean an obstruction in the pipe or help sewage lines run more quickly. The process involves pushing pipes through at high pressure to remove obstructions that stop or are restricting flow through pipes. Before running water through pipes the expert should conduct an inspection video of the lines to identify the issue. Once determining the cause of the issue the professional will determine which snake needs to be first used, before the water. The video examination of lines can ensure that there is less chance that the sewage will flow backward and flow back into the house.

Relevant Situations

Hydro jetting can assist in resolving issues with the plumbing lines that extend into the street from within the home. Sometimes, tree roots can grow until they block pipes, and water flow could eliminate them. This method could also be a viable solution to septic field problems for instance, where the headline leading to the septic field is blocked. In this scenario, the line that is blocked prevents wastewater from flowing to the septic tank which can cause a back-up of water inside the home or draining out from the tank.

The older plumbing systems of houses may benefit from this service to eliminate obstructions and restore water and waste flow. It’s normal for the plumbing system to be affected by the buildup of silt and sand that aren’t able to respond to augers and chemical cleaning agents.

Potential Deserts

If this procedure is being used in a septic system the expert needs to take care to ensure that there is no harm. The pipes that are part of a septic system come with perforations that allow the wastewater to slowly soak into the soil and gravel to be treated and filtered. The process of moving water with force could cause solid waste to flow into the soil. If this happens then the pipe could get increasingly blocked. Pipes may also get damaged during the process.

An experienced professional has the experience needed to identify the issue before applying hydro jetting. The professional will be able to work in the proper amount of water and strength to prevent damaging pipes.


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