How Can I Get Targeted Industry Data From Google Maps?


Is Google Maps Best For Data Collection?

There are several reasons why web scraping data from Google Maps can be useful for your business. A business on Google Maps has complete information like email address, phone number, ratings, reviews, social media links, working hours, and much more. This data can be helpful for different marketing campaigns like email marketing, mobile marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing, etc. You can get data for any industry from Google Maps as there are millions of businesses listed on Google Maps under various categories, industries, and keywords. This data can be achieved by using a Google Maps Scraper. However, it should also be considered before diving into this article that Google Maps does not offer any option to download this data. Otherwise, you can get access to the Google Maps data by using this Google Map Extractor software. This blog brings you some basic information to start your data scraping from Google Maps right away!

Extract Data From Google Maps For Different Industries & Locations With Google Maps Extractor

Google Maps Extractor is also named ‘Google Maps Email Extractor. Judging by the name, the tool can provide incredible business data for a targeted industry from overloaded social media platforms such as Google Maps. Google Maps Data Extractor is the more advanced technique to extract email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details from the Google Maps platform. This technique is mainly applied when you need bulk business data from Google Maps for marketing purposes. Google Maps Contact Extractor enables the user to download data from Google Maps to Excel, CSV, or Text format. The Google Maps Lead Extractor is a favorite of data-providing companies, marketers, and freelancers. As it is a significant tool to get access to vital information from Google Maps by following a few simple steps. You can get rich information about targeted industry businesses via Google Maps Location Scraper. As we know that some businesses don’t show their email address on their business listing but Google Maps Data Grabber visits the website given on the business listing and searches for email on the website. Working with this tool you can easily scrape and build your own email database from Google Maps. Google Maps Business Extractor is a proprietary licensed tool hence you can enjoy safe scraping services with some limitations for free on a trial basis for 3 days.

How To DownloadExtractExport Data From Google Maps

How To Extract Business Emails From Google Maps Using Google Map Extractor?

When you set up Google Map Extractor, you’ll have the option to use Google Maps Extractor “Email Search” option to retrieve verified business emails from Google Maps. You can select your targeted industry given in the software like cafes, restaurants, hospitals, etc. You can also search for a business by typing your keywords and zip codes. Google Maps Phone Number Extractor not only extracts emails but other business information also like business phone number, reviews, ratings, latitude, longitude, fax number, social media links, website link, working hours, established date, and much more.

Features Of Google Map Extractor

  • You can export data from Google Maps search results to Excel, CSV, or Text files for use.
  • It supports all countries, categories, and industries supported by Google Maps so you can get data for any business and country by using this Google Maps Crawler.
  • Ready-to-use software to get data from Google Maps instantly
  • Everyone can use it as it requires no study of programming or technical skills to use it and you have a complete video to learn the working of the software.
  • If email is not given on Google Maps business listing the Google Maps Web Scraper search for email on the website.
  • You have a search option to search for a business by keywords, locations, and zip codes as you have on Google Maps.


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