Here are the Endless Advantages of Laser Marking in Manufacturing


Laser marking or Lasermarkierung has become a vital part of the manufacturing business — helping industries keep track of their products, improve quality, as well as minimize copying and more. To help understand the potential behind this technology, we have laid out the advantages of laser marking in manufacturing.

The procedure is eco-friendly.

Other marking procedures, for example inkjet or chemical etching, use inks plus chemicals in their marking — which not merely are expensive consumables for the industry, but have a negative effect on the atmosphere. Laser marking, instead, does not use any consumables — making it clean, reasonable and energy efficient.

It moreover removes costs and downtime related with cleaning, fixing otherwise powering printers. While tags can peel off or become smashed over time, laser marking offers permanent identification for parts and does not have to be accomplished multiple times.

Since the process is non-contact, laser marking confirms clean processing with negligible contamination. Wherever printing systems would burn down the material by marking, the damage-free procedure involves negligible or no material penetration.

Laser marking does not compromise quality.

With laser marking or Lasermarkierung, there is no requirement to etch a product otherwise transmit ink onto the surface. In its place, laser light is emphasized onto a material to create damage-free marks.

It minimizes fake products.

 Pharmaceutical manufacturers are restricted in what kind of marking they can use. The marking must be tamper-proof plus easy to read, compatible with the atmosphere and cannot change the product. Owing to this, the most viable solution is laser internal engraving — a similar procedure that leaves a laser mark you could both see and feel.

The recent progress of industrial-class ultrafast lasers allow internal marking without any impairment to the container. Owing to the extremely high optical intensity plus very short pulse duration provided by ultrafast lasers, there is no heat dissipation through the interaction procedure, which means that there is no micro-crack creation. So, since the individual spots could be made very small, it is furthermore possible to accomplish virtually invisible marking, and yet to guarantee trustworthy reading under appropriate lighting.

High engraving precision:  

The articles etched by laser marker are in fine and sophisticated designs and the width of the smallest line could reach 0.04mm, with clear, long-lasting and sophisticated marking. Laser marking could satisfy the demand of printing ample data on very small plastic objects, for example, two-dimensional code with more accurate requirements and greater definition. By comparison with astonishing or spraying markings, it has strong market affordability. 

Fast development speed 

With the blend of laser and computer technology, the user can recognize laser printing output by programming a complete computer and could change the printing design at any time, which substitutes the traditional module manufacturing procedure essentially and provides suitable tools for shortening upgrade cycle of product plus flexible manufacturing. 

Whether you are seeking to reach into new markets, trying to maintain current business or would like to add a competitive benefit, choosing the right laser marking or Laser Markierung equipment with the greatest capabilities is critical.


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