Granite Countertops: Designing a Circular Island to Serve Your Friends

granite countertop

Contemporary open-concept homes are changing the way we look at our kitchen, dining, and living areas. We are welcoming our guests into food preparation areas while personally catering to their needs. With the walls down, it is time to start changing the shape of our kitchens with circular kitchen islands. Can you still get a granite countertop for this fun and flirty design?

Serving Your Friends on All Fronts

Pour some drinks, serve up a big plate of meat, cheese, and bread, or set out a game of cards while dinner cooks. A circular island encourages everybody to have a seat and interact with the chef and the other guests. It can take the place of a traditional dining table and take over the space set aside for formal meals. Just imagine the expanse topped with a glistening granite counter.

Selecting a Granite Slab Suitable for Circular Sections

While granite or other natural stone remains a smart and durable option for this trending design, you will need to carefully select the right slab for the job. Since the shape of the island will demand that the slab of granite is sliced into pie-shaped pieces to create the circle, you will want to look at the actual veining of the stone. A slab full of bold motion, stripes, and waves will have those shapes chopped up when crafting the counter.

You will need to find a piece of stone with a more uniform appearance where seams can be created and disappear with a precise installation. Man-made materials such as quartz or compact solid surface will have a less predictable appearance. Open up your search to include every possible material to find the one right for the job.

Modular Granite May Be a Smart Solution

There is also a product called modular granite that could be a good answer to the challenge. Modular granite is real stone that is sliced into tiles ready to be handled by one or two people–just right for creating a custom look without the expense associated with a single-slab counter. The stone selected for modular granite is usually more uniform compared to complete slabs on display.

Work with Local Professionals when Setting Trends in Countertop Design

When you are the first one in your Toledo area neighborhood to add a circular island to your kitchen design, that also means your contractor may not be familiar with the project. Make sure to bring in your local countertop professionals early in the process. The Countertop Shop in Monclova can provide pointers to you and the entire design team to help craft a unique space ready for epic parties, afternoon chats over tea, and family dinners. Give us a call today!


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