Filing an Auto Accident Claim may be the Better Option Instead of Settlement


One of the most terrifying experiences most individuals will ever have, is facing an auto accident. It’s even worse if you sustained injuries as a result of the collision. Even though you might just accept the insurance company’s offer from the at-fault motorist, chances are there that it won’t be enough.

You might wish to file an auto accident case if the settlement offer you receive does not adequately cover your medical expenses, continued treatment, lost wages, and other losses. Instead of accepting less than you deserve, choose the other way. You can obtain a significantly higher compensation amount by filing a personal injury lawsuit. There are further justifications for filing a claim as opposed to merely accepting a settlement after an automobile accident.

You must get Medical Attention

When you have sustained injuries and may need continuous medical care as a result, you should never settle an auto accident case. You cannot just accept a settlement offer when you have medical bills and maybe continuous treatment to pay for and don’t know the likely total of your costs. It can take some time for your lawyer or the defendant’s to obtain copies of your medical bills because the processing of medical bills can take some time.

The Offer might be Extremely Undervalued for your Case

When it comes to auto accidents, the situation changes if you have been hurt. It’s not always a good idea to settle with an insurance provider, particularly if your personal injury lawyer thinks your case is worth a lot more than what is being offered. Insurance companies like to make a low settlement offer in the hope that the injured party would accept quickly and the matter will be resolved. 

Most frequently, an auto accident claim involves more than just a ding that needs to be fixed. It is likely that you may need ongoing treatment and might even have to take time off work if you have been gravely hurt to the point where you require immediate emergency medical attention. This is especially true if your disability is permanent or even just temporary.

In addition, if you submit an auto accident case, you have the legal right to get compensation for pain and suffering. You cannot obtain this kind of damage by submitting an insurance claim. If the individual who caused the accident acted exceptionally recklessly, you may not receive compensation for pain and suffering or mental distress, but you may receive money to pay for the repairs that must be made to your vehicle and to cover your medical expenses.

As pain and suffering are not directly measurable, it is difficult to assign a precise monetary value to them. Based on the actual damages and intangible damages, such as pain and suffering, your settlement amount may vary.

Your Lawyer Believes you Deserve more

It goes without saying that you should retain a personal injury lawyer to represent you in your auto accident injury claim. The most crucial factor in determining the settlement you should get is your attorney’s opinion. They are aware of when a settlement sum is unfair and when you ought to keep negotiating. Instead of accepting a settlement offer, you might launch a lawsuit with the help of your lawyer. 

Compensation that may be Obtained Following an Auto Accident

In an automobile accident lawsuit, you may be able to recover some types of damages. These can be medical costs, such as ambulance bills, physical therapy, accessories, consultations with medical specialists, permanent incapacity, and in-home care, pain, discomfort, and diminished enjoyment of life.  If you can’t work or have to work less than you normally would and make less money, the lost wages in that case can also be compensated.


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