Eco-Friendly Gifts For A Sustainable Holiday


We can always make small adjustments to save our mother nature from destruction, reduce our carbon footprint and leave behind a sustainable environment for upcoming generations to prosper. These changes can be as small as opting for sustainable gift during holidays, selecting reusable items in place of single-use items, and getting fabrics like cotton and hemp. 

If you intend to create a greener environment then this guide is for you. Whether you’re looking for gift options for your earth-conscious friend or want to introduce someone to this concept, it’s all here. We’ve curated a list of the best eco-friendly collections that fit every budget. 

What Do You Mean By Environmentally Friendly Gifts?

Environmentally friendly, nature-friendly, or eco-friendly gifts are those goods or gifts that cause minimal or no harm to the ecosystem. While these terms are often ambitiously used by companies to sell their products, there are still a lot of trust-worthy products available to choose from. We’ll come to that later in this article, for now, let’s understand the importance of sustainable gifts. 

Why Do We Need To Emphasize On Sustainable Gifting?

The ceremonious act of presenting your loved ones with gifts has been going on for decades. The word ‘gift’ itself brings a lot of happiness to everyone’s face. These attractive presents are the most tangible way in which we humans express our love to someone. 

For special occasions, items like flowers, chocolates, handicrafts, and greeting cards are the perfect gift. But for those who have a soft corner for the environment tend to shift from the traditional norms and go out of their way to choose products made from recycled items. 

With such small behavioral changes here and there, you can create a huge impact on the environment. Shifting to earth-friendly gifts drastically reduces the risk of pollution, even the smallest change like using biodegradable packaging in place of the plastic wrapper is great. 

Therefore, being thoughtful of what we want to gift someone can decide the future of our planet to some extent. 

Benefits Of Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Gifts

1. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

According to a report by the United Nations, the devastating effects of global warming will rise to an alarming rate by 2032. The report goes on to cite the reason behind this, which accuses companies as the major culprit to this. These companies pollute the environment during the entire process of production and distribution, which leaves large carbon footprints behind them. 

To eradicate the issue, you can force these companies to stop manufacturing the way they do by opting for eco-friendly products. Items made from recycled or sustainable material can significantly reduce the amount of carbon footprint. 

2. Bring The Change You Want To See

By opting for friendly eco-conscious gifts, you’re setting an example for other to follow. When you present someone with a gift, you think a lot about their likes and dislikes. And what better than sustainable gifts to make them feel like they are also a part of this initiative. 

3. Right Messaging 

In a recent article by Forbes, it was revealed that a trend is starting to form where potential clients gravitate more towards companies that follow a sustainable approach. Thus, from a business point of view, presenting your clients with eco-friendly products increases the chances of them doing business with you. 

What To Gift An Environmentalist Friend?

Once you decide to make a difference and switch to sustainable gifting then you’ll find tons of options waiting for you. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best nature-friendly gifts based on your budget and interest. 

Top 7 Eco-Friendly Gifts 2022

Pocket-Friendly Sustainable Gifts

1. National Geographic X Tentree Collection

Show your love for the environment by wearing it on your sleeves. The designs of National Geographic’s capsule collection from tentree priced at $20 are sourced from National Geographic archives. Also, Tentree uses the best eco-friendly fabrics in their tees which makes it the most meaningful gift. 

2. Allbirds Wool Runner

This eco-friendly shoe brand has monopolized the market with its wide range of comforting shoes. Allbirds Wool Runner is available for both men and women in 11 different colors and costs $98. 

3. Humankind’s Bath And Body Products

If you want to give someone a bit more personalized gift then go for Humankind’s nature-friendly collection of bath and grooming products. Starting at $10, their products are gender-neutral with chic packaging.

Luxury Eco-Friendly Gifts

4. Usual Wines Mixed Pack

This is the perfect gift for wine lovers who are looking to switch from conventional single-serve wines. From sparking brut to the bright, fruity red, Usual wines offer 24 zero sugar bottles in a pack. The $96 pack comes from sustainably-farmed vineyards. 

5. Nixon Light-Wave Watch

Watches are the best gift that easily fits into anyone’s wardrobe. The Nixon Light-Wave is a solar-powered watch that entirely estimates the need for single-use batteries. The standard price for this stylish and sustainable gift is $150. You can choose from five different styles and colors, and the best thing about this particular brand is that they claim to have made the case from recycled plastic. 

Cute Eco-Friendly Gifts

6. Henry Rose’s Queens & Monsters Fragrance 

The limited-edition range of aromas by Henry Rose is worth the money. The freshness and zest of Petit gram balance the fluid sensuality of sandalwood. The pack priced at $125 includes a full-size fragrance and body cream. Henry Rose is known for making products from ingredients that are vetted against every health and safety standard, not go forget their packaging that has 100% recycled and reusable materials

7. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

The most significant step toward a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is growing herbs at home. With this kit in your hand, you can plant the most herbs like basil, sage, cilantro and thyme. The entire kit is priced at $29.97 which is also available on Amazon.


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