Dangers Of Ants To Homes And Health


Ants are common unwanted insects in homes. They can easily surround you without you knowing how they have emanated in such huge numbers, especially around crumbs of food. Fortunately, you can get rid of ants preferably with the use of professional Pest Extermination Services By EZ Pest Exterminating.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 7 main hazards that ants can pose to your homes and consequently your health.

  1. Spreaders Of Disease

Ants can be present both lurking around and underneath the dirt, crawling over contaminated substances, and finally into human homes. While they are in human homes, they can throw themselves inside water and food materials when they sense the odor. With the contaminated legs and bodies, they enter waters and food materials, thereby transferring the contamination on their legs and bodies into your food materials, and diseases are spread in this way, even though ants are not originally disease carriers.

  1. Increased Infestation

Ant naturally behaves in a way that when they have found a source of food, they will call each other and build houses forming a colony around there. This is why it is better to deal with ants when they are few before they turn a multitude inside their colony.

  1. Damage to food materials or equipment

When ants enter your home, they easily sense where food materials are stored. They get crawled, surround the food, and eat the good out of the food. Once they eat your food, damages are caused to the food. That is why you should not relent in constantly sweeping your home to get rid of food crumbs that can make ants spread around and enter your home, increasing their infestations. Also, make sure you always seal up your food and food materials with tight lids.

  1. Damage to structures

Ants also cause damage to structures in the way they cause damage to food. They do this in the process of building their nest. Usually, their nests are built in outhouses and other outdoor structures. Any spot in your house where you find an ant nest, is a sign that there is a potential risk of damage to the structure around which the ant nest is built.

  1. Setting up nests inside your home

From time to time, as ants locate a spot in your house where there is good food, the ants would alert the new queen. So the new queen traces the food source and builds a nest around the food spot.

In a short time afterward, there is a multitude of ant nests around the corner of your kitchen. You will identify the new queens as they can fly. Also, take note of falling wings, once you see fallen wings, this is a sign that the new queens have found a nest they have taken as their home and don’t need to fly about again.

  1. Direct danger to people

Out of all the risks ants pose to your home, the end risk is to directly bite humans. Most ants can bite humans, sending venom that gives pungent pain. However, the pain is almost not harmful. While some people can be allergic to ants’ bites which have proven to have killed people in the past, ants’ presence can make your visitor feel uncomfortable and consequently can make your business customers run away.

  1. Ant danger to pets

Most importantly, the fire ants pose risks to the well-being of pets—dogs and cats. You should remove by gloved hand any ants that attack your pets. While ants’ bites are not usually detrimental to life, if pets are stung by large numbers of ants, you should hire the assistance of a veterinary doctor.


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