Community Involvement: How it Makes Better Employees

Dr. Vivek Cheba

When a business offers its precious time for involvement in community service then it helps the business to gain its reputation and put a positive impact on its brand image. Also, it increases your business sales and customer engagement. As an example of successful community service, Dr. Vivek Cheba is among the top 1% of Invisalign practitioners worldwide. With a staff of 30 valued team members, good office management, and many years of experience have been providing excellent orthodontic treatment and care to patients with all sorts of smile needs. Vivek Cheba is the owner of Red Deer Orthodontics, grew up in Calgary, and is very successful with his team and office management role.

Here is how community involvement makes better employees:

It Builds Loyalty:

When a business is passionate about helping others and making a good change in society then it will encourage everyone to connect with the business and help them in their cause. When employees see their business taking strong steps to offer community service that will help in increasing their morale and also it helps to create a positive work environment. Employees will try to support their organization through volunteering and positive step from their business will make them loyal to it and they will feel satisfied in the business.

It makes work emotional:

“I think community service on its own is very simple, it’s a lot less complicated than having a political affiliation to it, which I fully understand.” – said, Nicole Seah

Supporting or helping your community without asking for something in the back is a part of an emotional experience. When your employees participate in supporting your cause to help the needy, this emotional tie can reduce their tension and increase positivity at the workplace.

Many businesses are creating different ways to use charitable efforts to join their employees to their cause that can directly help in increasing productivity, engagement, and work results.

It helps people build skills:

When employees happily participate in supporting their company’s cause then it can improve the work culture at the workplace. Moreover, employees will feel comfortable in connecting with other coworkers and will be able to understand each other more effectively. Involving the community service with your other coworkers will help in maintaining the teamwork and it will teach you different new ways to develop skills that can help you in your future career.

It promotes leadership:

A good leader will always offer great opportunities to their people to excel in their careers. The main role of a great leader is to encourage them to develop new skills that can help them to overcome the weaknesses and challenges they face at the workplace. They will push their team to achieve great success in their future career. Volunteering can help in developing various unique skills like public speaking, conducting presentations, team management, mentoring, fundraising, and coordinating events. These are some sets of skills that are crucial to being a leader.


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