Which is The Best Free CBSE Class 11 Online Classes?

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On the basis of teaching pattern and experience, we want to recommend VidyaSetu as the best CBSE class 11 online classes.  The services are very efficient and thus students enjoy taking the online recorded video lectures. Many students were able to score good results because of the deep understanding of the syllabus taught at VidyaSetu.  If you are the one who is searching for some online tutorials then no other platform is best for you other than Vidya Setu. One should definitely see the high-quality video lectures and make the most out of it.

Vidya Setu is an outstanding platform for having online lectures because of the given reasons:-

  • Faculty-Vidya Setu has the top experienced faculty. The faculty is devoted and impart quality lectures covering the entire syllabus. The faculty is India’s top renowned teachers. The teaching staff is very devoted. They really work hard to provide correct knowledge to the candidates.
  • Fees-Vidya Setu is the platform that charges nominal fees for the cbse class 11 online classes. The fee structure is decided by keeping in mind the budget of the normal middle-class students. Students of any class can afford the fees.
  • Online facilities- Online facilities are provided to the students in an effective manner. Today is the time of technology and classes conducted online in a simplified manner.
  • Videos- We can say that Vidya Setu is an authentic site that provides videos of the relevant topics of the respective subjects. Videos are completely rejoiced by the students. The videos are much informative and provide the appropriate knowledge to the students.
  • Syllabus-The whole syllabus is covered in the video lectures imparted at the Vidya Setu site.No topic is skipped by the talented faculty.
  • Subjects– The digital lectures usually cover all the crucial subjects which are there in the course curriculum. Importance is given to each subject by the faculty of Vidya Setu.
  • Method of Teaching- Vidya Setu has a very unique method of teaching methodology that attracts many students. It is easy to understand the new teaching style and methodology of Vidya Setu.
  • Best Reviews and Ratings- On google, the best ratings along with positive reviews are there of Vidya Setu. The overall feedback is also positive for the site by the majority of the people. There is a 5-star rating given to the site by Google.
  • Comprehensive Classes-Experts of Vidya Setu easily resolve the complex definitions along with the difficult problems.
  • HD Quality Video-High quality streaming video classes can be enjoyed by the students and can have uninterrupted learning at Vidya Setu. The images are clear, sharp, and good quality. They also have amazing sound clarity. 
  • Problem Solving Method– All the difficult problems can be discussed with the Vidya Setu faculty and get solved with ease.
  • Experienced Teachers- Chapters can be easily understood with the help of the specialized subject teachers. The topics are well explained and elaborated by the faculty in a way that students can easily understand.
  • Conceptual Learning- Conceptual knowledge is provided by Vidya Setu on the most difficult topics. Each topic possesses a different concept and thus the faculty teaches by keeping in mind the conceptual part of the subject.
  • Practice Sessions- Confidence is built within the students by the regular practice of the papers. Consistent efforts done in the right direction make a big difference in the results. Regular practicing is the key to success.
  • Doubt Solving Facility- The doubts are resolved by the teachers at Vidya Setu. The faculty just take seconds to solve tedious problems.
  • Online Mock Test Paper– Writing skills are enhanced by solving the online mock test paper regularly. It also inculcates confidence to solve the paper with ease. Mock papers build a solid foundation in students.
  • Quality Study Material-At Vidya Setu one can get the best comprehensive material to study which is highly suitable for the State Board, ICSE, CBSE, and NCERT preparation. The study material is prepared after days of research and then uploaded on the site.

Comparison Chart With Vedantu and Byjus

 Comparison chart with Vedantu, Byju’s- Vidya Setu is the best when compared with other sites such as the Vedantu, Byjus, etc. It offers the best cbse class 11 online classes service to aspiring candidates.

Vedantu Byjus Vidya Setu 
FacultyExperienced Most experienced Experienced 
Online Facility Provided Provided Provided
FeesChargeableChargeable Free
Syllabus Not Updated Updated Completely Updated
Videos Good quality Good QualityHD quality


We see that Vidya Setu is an outstanding platform that provides the best CBSE class 11 online classes. In the life of the student at Class 11th, one usually requires direction along with initiatives. Online classes are a great thing and come under the comfort zone of the students. Students have the comfort of having video lectures. Practicing becomes easy through mock tests and the overall understanding is increased through these classes.


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