Buying guide: what to look for in a good laptop: RAM, Processor, or OS

Dell i5 laptop

A world without laptops would mean a world without movement. In this new age and fast-moving world, laptops are compact enough to carry and keep up with our lifestyles. Whether you are on the road, at school, or on some unknown island, laptops can help you move your work and life with you.

The laptop market is thriving as everyone is currently working from home. A laptop is vital for remote work. Buying a laptop can prove quite a taxing task as there are so many models, manufacturers, and varieties to sift through. Companies like Dell are renowned for their user-friendliness and their effectiveness.

So, during this time, when there are so many options of sizes, features and prices, here is a guide for what to look for in a good laptop such as a Dell i5 laptop.

First, pick your operating system.

Before you can begin your search for laptops, you must figure out which operating system (OS) is best for you and your needs. There are four major operating systems, and each harnesses its strengths and its weaknesses.

Here is an overview of each:

-Windows: This is your best choice if you need Microsoft apps like MS Office, Outlook or Access.

-macOS: This is a bit more beginner-friendly, but it’s tightly coupled with the company’s hardware.

-Chrome OS: This is a good option if you are on a tight budget. The catch is that apps like Microsoft Office will not run on this.

-Linux: If you don’t need MS Office and Adobe’s Creative Suite, you can install Linux on any piece of laptop hardware.

Understanding processor

Once you have decided on your operating system, you can now begin looking at the processor, also referred to as the chip or the CPU. Two leading companies make laptop processors: Intel and AMD.

Both these processors have their strengths and their weaknesses. Thus, depending on what you are looking for, the processor can be chosen. For example, if you are a graphic designer or video editor, then AMD might be your go-to processor, but if you need it for other purposes, then Intel can also be a good choice.

How much processing power do you need?

If you are a typical user who runs the web browser or even uses photo editing software, then a laptop with Intel Core i5 eighth generation is recommended. The higher the generation implies, the faster and stronger the processor.

The extra power often means the shorter the battery life, although you can balance that out according to your needs. If you are a gamer, then a higher generation is recommended.

How much RAM do you need?

Random-access memory or RAM is what your laptop uses to hold data while the processor does things with it. Thus, the more, the better. However, there is no such thing as too much memory! Because if you do not have enough memory space, your laptop will tend to freeze and will need to be restarted.

Eight gigabytes of RAM should be plenty for the average Windows user, though a higher RAM will make your laptop that much more capable. But, again, if you are a programmer or video editor, you will want a minimum of 16 GB.

Read the reviews

Once you have narrowed down the field models and considered the OS and RAM, read some reviews of them. Look for how the keyboard feels or how heated the laptop gets when using it for an extended period looking into your purchase specifications.

Apart from other people’s reviews, your criteria and feelings matter too. For example, you might want something that looks metallic and doesn’t give off a plastic finish; the design is essential in both practical and aesthetic terms, and there is no joy in using a laptop that you do not like.

There is no perfect laptop, but if you are looking for something just to get you started on and have a tight budget, Dell should be your go-to manufacturer. The Dell i5 laptop has the perfect combination of RAM and OS, an 8GB RAM and a 7th Generation processor.

This is excellent for those looking for a laptop that is approachable and also effective. Taking these guidelines into account, you can now make a more conscious choice on what laptop you should purchase.

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