12 Tools and Techniques to Boost Your Instagram Marketing for Free


Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing avenues that can deliver great results for your business. And since the number of social media users is growing exponentially every year, it has become necessary for businesses – small, medium, or large – to have a marketing strategy for social media platforms – especially Instagram.

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As you may know already, Instagram is a social media platform where you can posts images, infographics, short videos, and more. Even online assignment writer use the Instagram account to connect with users and improve traffic growth. While most businesses use it as a marketing tool, a lot of small businesses rely completely on this platform for their operations. What if I tell you that there are tools and techniques that can help you enhance your Instagram marketing for free?

Well, you don’t always need a series of funding to conduct a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Even if you have zero budget, you can use Instagram marketing with the help of the following tools and techniques.

  1. Crowdfire:

If you are trying to grow your follower count on Instagram, this tool will be quite useful to you. You can use this tool on your computer as well as on smartphones (Android and iOS). A lot of Assignment help service providers use this tool to engage with their customers. With Crowdfire, you can manage your followers effectively. It offers the following features:

  • Automatically unfollow users who don’t follow you
  • Copy followers from a different account you own
  • Get a list of your fans (followers whom you don’t follow back)
  • View new followers and people who unfollowed you
  • Later:

With the help of this Instagram advertising tool, you can program your posts for future dates. It even notifies you at the time of posting and asks for approval to publish. This tool helps you search and publish content from the internet. You can also add several team members here. In simpler words, Later can help you automate your Instagram account.

  • 10Web Social Photo Feed:

If you want to connect your Instagram feed to your website, this tool will help you achieve that. It is basically a WordPress plugin. It is user-friendly and easy to set up. Once you configure all the necessary elements, you will be able to display content from your Instagram account as per your needs. You can decide where and how you want the Instagram content on your site, blogs, etc.

  • Buffer:

This tool allows you to plan and schedule your content for the Instagram account. If you run an e-commerce business, Buffer will be extremely effective for you. It let you connect your “link in bio” to various URLs that can lead people to your shopping pages. Moreover, the tool allows you to try different versions of posts, republish your most popular posts and offers you a Hashtag manager that helps you get more views on your posts.

  • Repost:

Twitter has a feature called “Retweet” that allows you to tweet other user’s content on your own account. While Instagram does not come with such a feature, you can use the Repost app to do it. You can even save photos and videos from reposting later. You can search for content and repost them with just one click. It even quotes the original author automatically.

  • Canva:

If you want to create different kinds of images for your Instagram posts, but you don’t have prior experience in Photoshop or other photo editing software, you can rely on Canva. It is particularly useful for Instagram users as it offers special effects, frames, icons, filters, stickers, and more, allowing you to produce images as per your requirements. You can use it to create interesting infographics too.

  • Snapwidget:

If you want all your website visitors to see how brilliant your Instagram account looks, you can use this widget to insert Instagram images and videos as a photo gallery on webpages and blogs. You can configure this tool easily. Also, you can find the tutorial for installation on their home page in case you face any difficulty installing the widget.

  • IconoSquare:

This brilliant marketing tool for Instagram lets you view all kinds of statistics regarding your account, such as the average number of likes your posts get, the total number of likes, the photos with the most likes, the growth in the number of followers, and more. All these statistics are displayed in attractive graphs.

  • Instagram Insights:

This particular tool lets you see when your audience is active on Instagram, which of your posts are getting the most number of views, and how different posts compare. In case you are running a particular Instagram marketing campaign, you can monitor how well your promoted posts are doing in comparison with other posts. It will help you understand if your ads are worth the investment or not. Online assignment maker come up with interactive content like fun facts, quizzes, memes, etc., to stay in touch with their audiences. This tool is free for all business accounts on Instagram but can only be used on the app and not the desktop option.

  1. PicFrame:

This is yet another photo editing platform with a number of useful features and the option to share the photos directly on your social media accounts. This tool lets you choose from 73 different frames, add special effects and text, select colours and do much more. It is compatible with iOS and Android, and the output you get is in HD. You can produce professional-looking photos and images with this tool.

  1. Curalate:

This tool is great for the purpose of Instagram advertising. Curalate comes with numerous amazing features that are particularly useful for e-commerce brands. Some of those features include:

  • It helps in boosting your conversion rate, increasing your follower list, and drive more traffic to your account
  • It helps you monitor your ROI
  • It also has an analytical image system that scales results as per different criteria
  • It can also publish posts
  1. Leetags:

This is an app that allows you to find trending hashtags for your Instagram posts. With the right hashtags, your posts get a better chance of reaching more users. You can search for a category or keyword related to your post on the app, and then Leetags generates a list of trending hashtags that will go with your post. The app will also display the number of posts each hashtag was featured in.


As mentioned before, all these tools are available for free. So, instead of waiting for the funds, get started with your Instagram marketing today with a proper strategy and the help of the aforementioned tools and techniques.

Author bio: Karen Hamada  is a social media marketing manager at a reputed e-commerce company based in Australia. She is also a part of the team of experts at MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he offers word counter and apa referencing generator services to students on request.


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