Best Plinth In 2021

Arch backdrop

Many customers don’t apprehend the phrases plinth, pedestal or podium, and we’re regularly asked to explain what we suggest acrylic plinths for sale. It’s understandable as they’re quite similar truly, however, utilized in unique approaches.


The Plinth 

Technically talking, a plinth is a heavy base assisting a statue or vase. Consider for a second those statues you’ve seen in museums and grand homes offering possibly a king or queen set in marble. In the world of Display, a plinth is an easy stand onto which a product might be positioned as a means to display it, draw interest to it or vicinity it at waist height. Display plinths have a tendency not to be heavy, except they need to hold a heavy item or because they’re crafted from wood for cultured motives. Our basic plinths weigh only some kilos each but will aid over 70kg in weight themselves. 

ABC- Plinth timber As those plinths get larger and higher; then they also serve as a table or small demonstration desk. As part of an exhibition package, those plinths are often positioned at the front of the stand as a meet-and-greet station.

ABC has various plinths made from diverse materials and in multiple sizes and configurations.

If we study what substances we use, you have got the choice of masking your plinth with a branded wrap, commonly crafted from photo vinyl and attached to the plinth using hook and eye velcro. This is a value-powerful solution; however, the vinyl panel desires to be stored carefully and afflicted by being put on and torn quickly. These primary plinths are crafted from 5mm extruded polypropylene, at the same time as the tops are crafted from 12mm melamine established to MDF.

The next choice to consider is a cloth-based plinth. These characteristics are a 360 diploma material wrap located over a lightweight body with a strong pinnacle Arch backdrop. They’re washable, brilliant light and final for years. They suit right into a small case, so they’re smooth to transport as the plinths fold flat and require no tools to bring together. Often we promote those as a part of a total fabric-based exhibition answer, along with a branded SuperWall at the again and then those plinths with a regular complimentary design.

If the plinth isn’t always going to feature high effect snapshots, we also stock various wood, glass, mirror finish and acrylic plinths, plus options to light an acrylic plinth to stand out honestly; from the gang!

ABC- Plinths with lighting fixtures ABC- Plinths with glass box

The Pastel 

The pedestal tends to be several plinths working collectively, both joined or placed next to each other. For instance, ABC offers four plinths at differing heights, which collectively make up our Staircase Display Pedastel or several hexagonal plinths which fit collectively to form the Hexagon Pastel. The pedestal is ideal as a stroll round show, in a window or opposition to a wall.

The Podium 

Sometimes the pedestal isn’t very excessive and is designed to be a branded container to stand on. We call those podiums, and we can create those for activities and media moments too. We could make them any size and with the particular branding that you require.

ABC- Podium 

We can custom build any layout you require at ABC, so provide us with a call and permit our expert team to guide you into what could exceptional suit your campaign. You can also test our Pinterest showroom for extra ideas and pix.


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