Best Budgeted Solutions For Burst Or Broken Pipes Until The Plumber Arrives!

Best Budgeted Solutions For Burst Or Broken Pipes Until The Plumber Arrives!

A burst pipe could be a nightmare, especially when you do not immediately have access to a plumber. So there could be several reasons for burst or broken pipes. One of the basic reasons for burst pipes is that the water coming into the household outside is much colder than during the summer months.

This cold water weakens the pipes and results in a burst or damage. 

So here we come with some temporary solutions to fix the problem and slow the impact of a burst pipe.

Shut the water supply:

The water expands with tremendous force in volume when it freezes. It becomes difficult for a pipe to hold that much pressure, and it breaks. In addition, the pipe often cracks upon the weaker spot. 

You might also want to shut down the electricity, just depending upon the leaks and how big they are. 

Relieve the pipe:

Open the faucets and let the remaining water flow to relieve any pressure on the remaining water in the pipes. You can put any bucket or any open surface to store the excess water and reuse it later for any purpose.

Call in the plumber:

That’s the first thing you should do when you observe a broken pipe. An efficient plumber will know the exact location of the problem and repair the burst pipe as soon as possible.

Clean the excess water:

Cleaning the mess is a safe way to contribute until professional help arrives. Then, all you need is a mop, buckets, and a shop vacuum to get rid of the excess water. This reduces the chances of getting something moldy. 

Turn the warmth up:

Set up the warmth in the cold rooms. Keep the doors of the garage closed. If you notice that the waters in the pipes have turned slower, then blow-dry the fragile parts of the pipes with a hairdryer. As the ice melts in the pipes, you will notice the increased flow in your taps.

Open the doors of your closets and allow the warm heat to flow through the exposed pipes. This will melt the frozen pipes gradually. 

Find temporary repair solutions:

  • You can put a clamp or a piece of rubber over the broken pipe to stop the leak temporarily. Insulating the pipes before winters is a good option you can consider to avoid any damage to the pipes. 
  • We understand if you do not have the required tools to avoid the leak, if any. You can improvise by adding a block of wood over the piece of rubber before fastening a clamp. You can add a block of wood over the piece of rubber before fastening a clamp. The wood equally spreads the pressure and prevents the pipes from breaking any further. 
  • For a temporary solution, if you have the C clamp, you can put it over the woodblock and a piece of rubber to seal the leak. 

Cut off the damaged pipe (Only if you’ve done it before):

Only if you are aware of the pipe repairs should you go for this option. Shut down the main water supply and drain the excess water through faucets. Use a pipe cutter and remove the damaged part of the leak. 

Just start by gripping the pipe firmly in the cutter’s jaws and tightening the cutter’s screw. Then, rotate the cutter as you tighten the screw handle until the pipe breaks. 

There are many other technical ways to repair the broken or burst pipes, but only if you are well-versed with the technicality of plumbing and have all the tools required for repairing the burst pipes. But if you don’t, it’s always advisable to call a plumber and stick to the temporary solutions until the help arrives. 


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