All Inter-Caste Marriage Problems Will Be Blessed With The Help Of Astrology


All marriages or alliances that arise between couples of different castes or languages. These all come under “mixed marriages”. Let’s look at possible inter caste marriage astrology. these might state possible inter-caste (or) inter-religious (or) interracial marriages.

Lagna is the main point of intercaste marriage in horoscopes for men and women. Moon maps and charts of Navamsha and d-7 can also be viewed for marriages of men and women. In this case, we only need to examine the reasons for inter-caste marriages in orbit, see Kundli, see 6th and 7th houses. Although the 5th house also plays a role in love marriages and the eleventh house in wish fulfilment.

Venus, counted on the 6th or 8th, denotes marriage between castes, 2. The Rahu aspect of the seventh or its lord also denotes marriage between castes 3. Either Mars and Venus in the corner or on the ground 12 for the marriage square. Moon and Mars at position 6/ 8 also show inter-caste marriage. The 7th Lord with Saturn on the 12th also indicates that Jupiter in the 7th Libra, sign (Tula) or Aquarius can lead to inter-caste marriages.

And the 12th month and the weak month on the 5th also say mixed marriages. The surrender of the 7th cuspis Rahu is also the reason for intercaste love marriage. The moon connecting the 7th God and Venus, with the knot aspect of Rahu or Ketu or Saturn, is a strong sign of inter-caste marriage.

Inter caste marriage astrology depends and follows the houses to make predictions

Inter caste marriage astrology depends on love relationships. Because this combination by Inter Caste also reviews the combination of a love relationship. 5th God or 7th God or both, love will be there. Venus Rahu in The 7th also indicates love marriage. Male exchange from 6th to 7th and 7th to 6th indicates that love marriage is there. Mixed marriage/love marriage does not occur even if the combination specified here is in the horoscope.

Suppose the 5th Master has a relationship with the 6th house and its master. the other party will come out and join in. If he fails there, it will be zero before marriage. the 5th Master has a relationship with the 12 – and the House and the master, the locals themselves, will withdraw from the marriage. Third, if the fifth house is not connected with the 8th, he will go bankrupt before the wedding when this combination of Saturn, arithmetic, Mars, Venus is with the seventh house.

The seventh house and its God denotes love/life/sexual partnership. Partnerships can be permanent (or) temporary. Partnerships can be legal (or) also illegal/immoral. The second house in inter caste marriage astrology shows a family of local type (or) local people who will spend their lives living with them.

The influence of each planet over inter caste marriage astrology

Before doing anything, let’s understand the qualities of each planet in determining the type of partnership.

  • The sun – decisive. A couple comes from father
  • Moon – flexible. The couple comes from the mother’s side.
  • Mars – angry and possessive. According to inter caste marriage astrology Partners come through Partnerships. Therefore, they appear without correct logic.
  • Rahu – smart. Partners come through unknown circles and by default.
  • Teacher – gentle and kind. Partner with a reliable mentor/experience.
  • Shani – Unsuitable and rude. Partners who come from people with dubious backgrounds.
  • Buddha – Smart but cunning. Uncle/aunt partner (or) distant relative/benefactor’s recommendation, for profit.
  • Ketu – Stupid (or) unresponsive. A partnership occurs by default.
  • Venus – Sexy (or) attractive. Partnerships are made through sexual preference.

We need to consider all the planets associated with the 7th guardian; and observed by the 7th host and 7th house (or) 7th guard aspect. We also need to consider the 7th House Starlord.

Some examples you need to consider before going for inter caste marriage astrology

The inter caste marriage astrology table serves as an example. The red line shows the teacher aspect, and the blue line indicates the Martian aspect.

As an example:

  • For the ruler of Sagittarius, Budan becomes the ruler of the 7th house. So we have to take Buddha.
  • The 7th host is with the Sun and Venus and is placed in the 9th house. So, we must consider the sun and Venus.
  • The teacher has aspect (7) of the twin sign of the 7th house of the ruler Sagittarius. So the teacher must also be taken into account.
  • Mars has the (8th) aspect of the twin sign of the 7th house, Scorpio. So, Mars must also be taken into account.
  • The Lord of the 7th House of Buddhas enters Poorva Nakshatra (Venus’s Poorva Nakshatra). Thus, Venus must also be taken into account.

We need to consider the Sun, Budan, Venus, Guru, and Mars to understand what kind of husband the locals will get. Thus the husband will be authoritarian, attractive, intelligent, gentle, and humble. But they must be cunning and very angry and possessive.

Here are some of the rules you need to know before you go seeking for inter caste marriage astrology

Rules for inter caste marriage:

  • The presence of Shani/Rahu/Ketu in the 7th house.
  • Shani / Rahu / Ketu Union with 7th Host
  • Shani / Rahu / Let us look at the 7th house (or) the 7th guard (or) both.
  • The seventh house aspect of Shani/Rahu/Ketu.
  • Shani/Rahu/Ketu becomes the lord of the 7th house.
  • Shani, Rahu and Ketu are the three main planets. they are responsible for creating love / life / sexual relations.
  • It is with partners of different caste / culture / religion / race / linguistics. Let’s look at the functional qualities of these three planets to determine the quality of their partners.
  • Shani – A spouse who is much older than the local spouse (or) /mentally disabled (or) spouse from opposing backgrounds (or) abusive and inconsiderate spouse.
  • Rahu – Spouse behaves (or) Spouse with conflicting habits (or) Spouse who cannot be trusted.
  • Ketu: A partner who reacts slowly (or) does not react. Partners who don’t (or) impress are gone.

Influence of Shani, Rahu and Ketu in inter caste marriage astrology

Association of Shani / Rahu / Ketu (partly Martian) with God for 7 reasons:

If the 2nd host (or) 2nd house is not related to Shani / Rahu / Ketu (partly Martian), then the locals may not marry (or) live with a foreign couple as a family.

If the 7th host (or) of the 7th house is only related to the host of the 2nd / 4th / 5th / 9th house (or), partnership in the family circle (or) is recommended.

If the 2nd host (or) 2nd house is only related to the 2nd / 4 / 5 / 9 (or) host, the family will have no outsiders as members of its family.

If the 2nd and 7th house (or) the master of the 2nd and 7th house is not related to Shani / Rahu / Ketu, then interbreeding chances are slim. When this combination is placed in the fourth/fifth/ninth house (or related to the fourth/fifth/ninth host), the marriage occurs in a certain circle

If you have decided to succeed in your married life, then inter caste marriage astrology will help you

When Shani / Rahu / Ketu (partly Martian) are with the 7th house (or) 7th house, then different types of partnerships with extraterrestrials arise:

  • Shani / Rahu / Ketu (partly Martian) connected to the 2nd house (or) 2nd house. Here the natives can live as a family with extraterrestrials.
  • According to inter caste marriage astrology If the 2nd and 7th houses and apartments are only connected to the 4th, 5th and 9th houses (or) of their masters. Then the marriage will only take place in known circles.
  • When the 2nd and 7th houses and their rooms are with Shani/Rahu/Ketu (partly Mars). And not related to the 4 / 5 / 9 (or) house, then inter-caste / interfaith and interracial marriages are possible.
  • The decision to marry an outsider is possible based on factors such as each local person’s behavior, character, and motivation.
  • Freedom of choice and self-confidence also play an important role in turning a relationship into marriage and family.
  • Greed, lust, and temptation can play an important role in turning a relationship into marriage and family.
  • Situations (or karma) will also play an important role. For example, it is important in transforming relationships with local people to marriage and family.

In conclusion, a thorough free horoscope prediction study is very important, not judging by the combination. The obvious combinations in Diagram D-1 are, in a sense, indicative of a marriage between people.


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