9 Best Puzzle Games To Play On Your Phone


When you’re out and about, there’s no need to be bored. There are lots of puzzle games to keep you engaged if you have a smartphone. For smartphone users, there are hundreds of different puzzle games accessible right now. With so many options, deciding which game is right for you might be difficult. The top puzzle games for mobile devices will be listed in this blog article. This collection has something for everyone, whether you enjoy logic puzzles or word games. Let’s get started without further ado.

  1. Nonograms

Nonograms, commonly known as Hanjie or Griddlers, is a pictorial logic problem in which cells in a grid must be coloured or left blank based on numbers on the grid’s side to disclose a hidden picture. It’s also known as a Picross game in Japan, which is the brand name for this puzzle. “Masyu” and “Hikaru” are the two basic varieties of nonograms. There are several versions of each category, each with its own set of rules, grid sizes, and images. Nonogrammes may be downloaded from the Google Play Store, which includes several free light versions, or acquired through u1337x using your smartphone browser.

  1. Minesweeper

Minesweeper has been around since 1985, when it was developed under contract with Microsoft Corporation by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson. The goal of this game is simple: discover all of the mines without getting blown up in the process. Minesweeper is also one of the most ported video games, with a total of 49 platforms. It was one of the earliest games released by Microsoft on Windows.

  1. Klotski
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Klotski is a sliding block puzzle with 8 red blocks in a box that can contain 8 blocks and one vacant space into which 8 more blocks must fit without moving any out-of-place pieces or disassembling the entire set. All but one of the eight cubes are clearly visible inside the rectangular zone defined by two vertical lines and two horizontal lines crossing at right angles, forming an “L” shape from above. When you play this game on your smartphone, you must slide the coloured tiles around until they all fit into the indicated slots beneath each other. Since the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008, this app has been accessible.

  1. Crosswords

This is a traditional game that has been around for a long time. It consists of filling in the vacant spaces in a grid with letters to form words. It may be played on paper or online. Some of the riddles are simple, while others are more difficult. For puzzle aficionados of all abilities, crosswords provide hours of entertainment. You may also play it online or download the app to play whenever you want.

  1. Right Fit

This game is distinct from typical puzzle games in that it uses geometry instead of words or numbers. Right Fit’s core premise is that you must fit forms into an outline such that they are all connected and there are no gaps between them. Before going on to the next shape and level, you have three attempts to get each shape correct. There will be one less chance to do it correctly in future stages for every incorrect response. It’s a fun and demanding game that grows increasingly difficult as you continue.

  1. Unblock Me

This is a fun and tough game in which players must move blocks around until they can make a route for the red block to reach the level’s finish. To bring each new form into place, players must figure out how to push or drag it into place. There will be other obstacles, such as explosives, so don’t spend time attempting to solve problems that have no solution.

  1. Block Puzzle

This simple principle has been simplified even further by its adaptation from conventional board games, in which hexagonal tiles with matching colours on both sides are rotated to sort them. Simply touch groups of at least three similar-colored blocks that are nearby horizontally or vertically before time runs out in the Block Puzzle. This is a great game to spend the time with since the stages get harder as you continue.

  1. Two Dots

You’re given a grid of dots and must connect each dot with a line in this deceptively challenging game. The catch is that each line can have just two bends and no more. Lines aren’t allowed to cross each other, either. It begins rather easy, but the riddles gradually get devilishly difficult (in a very good way). It’s also a lot of fun to play because of the 8-bit visuals and music.

  1. Rail Maze
Rail Maze for Android - APK Download

Players must create a way for a train to travel from start to end without crashing or running out of track in this logic-based game. There are many conceivable solutions using an 8×16 grid packed with various types of rail tiles – but only one perfect option. Fortunately, there is no time constraint, so take your time working out the ideal path.


To sum up, the puzzle games described above will keep you occupied while using your smartphone. There’s likely to be a game here that appeals to you, whether you enjoy brain teasers, wordplay, or something different.


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