7 Reasons To Use Epoxy Resin For Food Safe Projects


Do you love taking up DIY projects?

Creating resin art is the hottest trend in DIY projects. From jewellery to coasters, bookmarks, and cutting boards, there is so much that can be made from resin.

If your project focuses on creating items to serve or handle food in, it should be food-safe. To that end, you must use epoxy resin, one of the best materials for food-safe projects. 

Before buying resin moulds and kickstarting your project, learn why epoxy resin is the safest choice.

Reasons to Use Epoxy Resin

The epoxy resin market was valued at $22.9 billion globally in 2021. It goes on to show how people are increasingly choosing epoxy resin. 

Following are the reasons why epoxy resin must be your go-to choice for food-related resin projects.

It is Food Safe

In technical terms, the epoxy resin contains epichlorohydrin and dihydroxy benzene. Both of these materials are naturally occurring. The first one, epichlorohydrin, is a product of chlorine and ethanol reacting. The reaction also yields bisphenol-A, which is converted to a combination of epoxides in the presence of aluminium chloride.

Basically, polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds in plants. They are a natural pigment found in fruits such as plums and flowers. The government approves these compounds as food-safe ingredients. 

It is Durable

Resin is known to be tough, thus making it almost impossible to dent or chip resin products. This versatile material can be sanded and polished to get a shiny finish. Resin can be painted and stained as well to create beautiful colour combinations.

Resin is also used on metals, glass, and ceramic materials to create a sturdy and durable finish. Furthermore, the resin is corrosion, frost, scratch, and UV damage resistant.

It is Non-Toxic

Since no harmful chemicals are used in epoxy resin production, it is known to be absolutely non-toxic and eco-friendly. It hardly emits any volatile organic compounds.

Furthermore, epoxy resin is not flammable and can be wiped off easily if spilled on a carpet. 

It is Environmentally-Friendly

Caulking may be an easy job, and there are plenty to select from. However, not all caulk sealants are safe to use. 

Epoxy resins do not require any caulking sealants that are otherwise harmful to the environment. Thus, making them safe to use for home items besides making them watertight.

It is a Great Surface for Cutting

Epoxy resin is a safe material to use in food preparation areas. It can hold up well around sharp items such as a knife. Your epoxy resin table, platter, or countertop can also double as a cutting board. 

Your knife blades will remain sharp and undamaged, whereas the resin board or table will remain scratch-free.

It is Easy-to-Use

The epoxy resin may seem intimidating to first-time users or DIYers. However, it is pretty easy to use once you have learned the proper process and have the correct supplies.

You must ensure that you carefully measure each ingredient before mixing them. Besides, you only need gloves, plastic cups, resin moulds, a brush, and some patience to complete the process. 

It can Tolerate High Temperatures

A unique aspect of epoxy resin is its tolerance for high temperatures. Thus, making it an excellent option for food-safe projects.

For instance, food is most commonly served hot, and so the tray must be heat-resistant. It should not crack either.

Wrapping Up

A DIY project with epoxy resins does not need much besides resin moulds, gloves, and a brush. Just the basics. You can create beautiful items with it to add to your kitchen. 

Epoxy resin is the most versatile material for food-safe projects in the kitchen.


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