6 Best Places to Visit in Baltimore


Baltimore is a big city in Maryland with a grand history of being an important seaport. Baltimore has tons of fun things to offer – if you have ever wanted to visit Baltimore but never had any idea what to do when you get there, you are here at the right place.

This harbor area offers shops, such as the best jewelry store in Baltimore, upscale crab shacks, and attractions like the civil war, the USS Constellation, and the national aquarium displaying thousands of marine creatures.

To find out the best places to visit in Baltimore, Maryland – read on to learn more!

Explore the African & American Heritage

When you explore Baltimore, you must visit the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, especially if you are interested in History. By exploring this place, you can sift through hundreds of years of art and culture and fully appreciate the contributions of the Afro-American community of Maryland.

You can explore the life of Frederick Douglass as a Baltimore caulker and also witness the re-creation of the first Afro-American shipyard in North America. Besides, you can also meet inspiring legends at the Frederick Douglass – Isaac Myers Maritime Park.

Visit the National Aquarium

One of the most popular attractions for Baltimore tourists is the National Aquarium. The amazing building of the National is home to more than 20 thousand animals. At the National Aquarium, you get the opportunity to get close to animals from all over the globe, including jellyfish, crocodiles, sharks, and even a two-toed sloth.

Besides the incredibly beautiful habitats, you can also enjoy the amazing 4D Theater, which features some incredible videos about marine life. Furthermore, you can engage with the smaller animals of the aquarium, including salamanders and hyacinth macaws.

The Living Seashore Exhibit is also a must-visit place, especially if you have never had the opportunity to spot a stingray in your life until now. You can even view and touch more than 150 sea creatures that are originally from the Mid-Atlantic.

Explore the Inner Harbor

This amazing seaside oasis is located at the core of Baltimore – it is home to some of the most amazing attractions that this city has to offer, such as the Maryland Science Center, the American Visionary Arts Museum, and the National Aquarium.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to visit the bay area with your family or alone – there are plenty of things to do. As mentioned before, the Inner Harbor has been one of the most important seaports since the 1700s. The key location of this seaport is alongside the bay area.

You can spend quality time taking walks around the area – enjoying a street performance and exploring the restaurants and shops. Some tourists consider the Inner Harbor a tourist trap; however, many agree that the picturesque stroll and convenient location induce this remarkable experience, especially for first-time visitors.

Attend Artscape – America’s Largest Free Arts Festival

If you happen to be in Baltimore and a great fan of art, you must make sure to attend Artscape. If you have never heard of Artscape before, you should know that Artscape is the largest arts festival in the country.

This amazing event traces its origin in Baltimore and attracts thousands of partakes each year. If we trace the history, we see that the first event was held in 1982, and over all these years, this art festival has had several amazing acts, including Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.

While attending this amazing event, you can also purchase local artworks and enjoy music from headlining artists across multiple stages.

In case we haven’t mentioned before – the events at Artscape are free and open to the public.


Have a Picnic at Fort McHenry: Birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner

If you know History, you might already know how Francis Scott Key was being held captive onboard a ship in the Chesapeake Bay while the 1812 War raged on. The writer, poet, and lawyer saw a flag of 15 stars and stripes soaring high – signaling the success of America in repelling the British.

This rare sigh compelled the writer to write the country’s national anthem. Today, the site of the battle is a National Monument as well as a Historic Shrine. It is free for the public to enter the general park area; however, there is a small fee for visitors to enter the historic star-shaped Fort if they are sixteen or older.

You can partake in unique programs, including Fort, Flag, and Fire! Ceremony in July and August. Nonetheless, you can also enjoy a picnic on the Fort’s sprawling waterfront lawns and enjoy the view of Baltimore’s skyline.

Visit the Walters Art Museum

This free Mount Vermont Museum displays art that dates back to 5000 B.C.

The museum has expanded since its opening in 1935 and has turned into a total of three distinctive buildings. The Walters Art Museum features Renaissance paintings, Asian art, Byzantine and European art, and an exclusive Egyptian collection.

The museum offers a diverse selection of art styles. If you are traveling with family, you are fortunate as the Walters Art Museum offers a variety of family-focused programs and free drop-in art activities on the weekends.

While the museum itself is free to the public, you ought to keep in mind that special events and lectures may require an admission fee for non-members.

Why Should You Visit Baltimore, Maryland?

Baltimore is amazing, and it is a great city. If this article has inspired you to take a trip to Baltimore, make sure you don’t miss out on anything that has been mentioned in the list. Besides, make sure to stay hydrated – don’t forget to take a portable water bottle with you on this trip.

You will fall in love with Baltimore – not only with its amazing views but also because of the great seafood, sporting events, rich culture, and vibrant art scene – you will have plenty of choices, and you will never get bored.


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