5 Simple Printer Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Machine In An Excellent Working Condition


Technological devices are sometimes assumed to be without fault, and this can lead to the malfunction of such devices. A printer helps bring in reality whatever has been documented on a computer. Hence, it is used in most modern and cooperative organizations. 

Hardware Depot Repair has been in place to help If you’re having issues with your printer. Keep reading to know maintenance tips for your printer. 

5 Simple Printer Maintenance Tips

  1. Peruse The Manual

The manufacturers of printers do insert a book or leaflet that contains the mode of operation, and model of the printer among other instructions relating to its installation and warranty. 

To avoid ruining the valuable parts of the printer, do well to go through the manual whenever you encounter an issue. 

Matters related to cleaning your printer can be explained as; avoiding using water or any stipulated liquid to clean the printer. 

  1. Always Replace the Cartridge Properly

All printers use cartridges, though they vary based on type. Laser printers use toner cartridges or drums while ink printers use ink cartridges. 

When fixing the cartridge, do not touch the bottom of the cartridge, that may affect the quality of your printout. At best, follow the instructions in the manual when fixing it or contact your supplier or technician. 

  1. Update Your Printer Driver

One good maintenance tip is updating your driver. Though this does not apply to every printer if yours works with an updated driver, make sure it’s updated at the right time. 

Not updating your driver will cause the printer to underperform. Updates make room for improvement when printing. If you have challenges updating, check through your manual or contact a technician. 

  1. Switch It off

When the printer is not in use, turn it off, this has a lot of benefits. Firstly, for inkjet printers, the cartridge can dry up when the printer is turned on without usage. 

Also, delicate parts of the printer can get worn out over time if the printer is always on. Power surge also stands as a negative factor that affects the entire performance of the printer. If there is an unstable power supply or voltage, the printer can get damaged. 

  1. Keep The Printer Clean

Clean off particles and dust from the printer daily and when doing this, be mindful of sensitive parts that can get damaged. 

Use a soft towel and if need be, a little alcohol cleaning solution to wipe off stains; don’t use water. Have in mind that when the printer is not in use, putting a cover around it saves you from dust and any other damage. 

Other maintenance tips include;

  • Use the right and specified paper quality
  • Don’t allow your printer to stay dormant for a long time
  • Have a standby technician in case of emergencies

Final Note

The printer plays a vital role in many organizations and private homes today, hence possessing the right knowledge on how to maintain your printer is key. 

There are so many maintenance tips that apply. One main activity needed for any hardware is servicing. This is carried out by a technician; consider doing this at intervals.


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