4 Top Reasons Why People Give Up Their Dogs and Why You Should Adopt One!


Giving up your pet is certainly not always an easy choice, and it can be devastating if circumstances present themselves to you where you have to make that call. However, it does not make someone a bad person if they have to hand their pet over to someone else. Often it shows an awareness that they cannot provide everything the pet needs, for various reasons, and through love they have decided to find a new owner who can give the animal everything it may need for a happy life. Dog Backpack are a great source for caring your dog from one place to another. Many people find it difficult to handle their dogs while going for camping, backpack plays significant role in this case.

This piece is going to take a look at the main reasons why people give up their dogs and the top benefits of adopting.

A Change in Accommodation 

Plenty of people rent as it is near impossible to buy a house in the current economic climate. While there are many states that protect animals from being banned by landlords in rental properties, there can still be breed restrictions, and there are other states and countries where it is much more difficult to bring a dog with you. Someone could be facing an eviction, or need to move to a different apartment urgently (perhaps somewhere not suitable for their dog) for another reason, and if their only option is such a property as mentioned, they may find themselves with a dilemma that forces the question of whether they can keep a dependent animal or not. This inevitably means that people have to make the heart-breaking decision to let their pet go to another home, or in a much worse case, a shelter.

Adopting one of these dogs is a great opportunity to give a loving pup another home – an added bonus is that many will already be house trained, too!

Not Enough Money 

Medical bills can really rack up, along with food and other essentials. If you do not have pet health insurance, they can quickly become overwhelming. Because of this, people might feel as though they have no choice but to give up their dogs to someone who will be able to cover the medical bills. However, Bivvy offers affordable options that include coverage in case of accident or illness for only $15 per month. This can help you relieve the burden of unexpected expenses and keep your dog healthy.

Adopting a dog with an illness or in need of surgery can be daunting, but it can also be very rewarding if you are in a position to do so. Contact a trusted vet like easyvet.com for some affordable options to help get your rescued pooch up and running again.

Lack of Time

We can think that we have all of the time in the world until we do not. Maybe someone has had to take a new job after a redundancy that has a demand for many more hours. Or perhaps something has changed and someone’s time has to be split between other commitments. Many dogs can be left alone for a couple of hours, but it is when it starts being all day every day it can become an issue. Not to mention that dog owners must have time to walk their dogs at least twice a day, many for 30 minutes at a time.
Because of the changes to their time schedule, many pet owners let their dogs go so they are able to find homes that have the time to dedicate to their pets, instead of leaving their dogs bored, miserable, and lonely. It is also incredibly important to remember that, to train a dog (of any intelligence), you must commit hours upon hours for many weeks. This is usually around the time you take them in, so it is also beneficial for them settling in to their new environment and for them to trust and bond with you, that you are around.

If you have plenty of time on your hands or have an active lifestyle, you might consider adopting a dog to join you for the ride! The more active the breed, the more they need to be taken out to deplete their energy stores, so always bear that in mind when you are adopting. 

Behavioral Problems 

Behavioral problems in dogs can be very difficult to deal with. Not only are you not able to reason with them, but you do not always know if what you are doing is the best thing for them or just making matters worse. While you should commit to your pet no matter what happens, it can be difficult. Some people reach a point where they are unable to take care of a dog with behavioral problems. This is when they might opt to surrender them or give them to someone who is more experienced with behavioral management or to a breed-specific expert in hopes they can return at least less unruly. 

If you have experience with dogs with behavioral problems, then adopting one could change their life for the better. This can be more of an option for those who do not have other pets or young children in the picture so they are able to focus their attention on helping a dog.  

Sometimes things just don’t work out, and it is important not to judge those who choose to give up their dog for adoption. Instead, if you are thinking about getting a dog, speak to a shelter!


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