Which States Allow $500 Payday Loans Online No Credit Check?


In 2022, liabilities up to $500 dominated on the American loan market. This type of mini-payday loans is very popular due to fast approval and minimum formalities. If you are wondering in which states $500 payday loans are available with no credit check, read the article. 

A mini payday loan, i.e. a small injection of cash

When can we really talk about a mini payday loan? As a rule, this term is used to define cheap non-bank loans not exceeding $1,000. Their advantage is quick online availability, easy application procedure and – in many cases – no additional costs. However, whether a given $500 payday loan will actually be a beneficial solution depends on many factors. One of the basic ones is the regulations for granting this type of loan in a given state.

Where can I get a $500 payday loan in US?

If we talk about the possibility of applying for a payday loan with a bad credit history, then this possibility is in almost every state. If you, for example, want to get a $500 loan bad credit, then you can get it even within 15 minutes. Payday loans are only considered illegal in a few states:

  • Arizona;
  • Arkansas;
  • Connecticut;
  • Georgia; 
  • Maryland; 
  • Massachusetts; 
  • New Jersey; 
  • New York; 
  • North Carolina;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Vermont; 
  • West Virginia;
  • District of Columbia.

Free $500 payday loans – where can I find?

Since the minimum final amounts of $500 payday loans and their repayment periods are so varied, is there anything that can combine most of the offers? Yes of course. Many potential borrowers will be pleased to know that very often the first $500 payday loan is free.

What to watch out for when taking a $500 loan for bad credit?

There are quite a lot of $500 payday offers for APR 0%. They differ both in the available liability amount and the repayment period. However, if you want to use the free payday loan, you need to be careful. The most important thing is to carefully check the terms of the promotion. You should pay attention not only to the repayment time entitling you to borrow free, but also to the maximum amount of free payday loans in case you need more than $500. And although in most companies the available loan amount is flexible (usually $100 to $1000), some lenders offer payday loans for free only up to a certain amount.

In addition, an important element of free loans is timely repayment and being a new customer of a given company. A borrower who has already taken advantage of a loan offer from a given company and was satisfied with it, is likely to return when he needs money again. However, it should not be forgotten that when using the offer of a given institution again, most often you no longer have the right to take advantage of the free payday loan. A $500 payday loan for free is available only to new customers.

Who is the $500 payday loan for?

Who exactly can take advantage of a payday loan for bad credit? Anyone who meets the conditions set by a specific company can become a client of a loan company. Most often, requirements in one state don’t differ from requirements in another one, which means getting a payday loan in Alabama will take the same steps as in Missouri, for instance. The requirements are usually:

  • appropriate age – some companies lend to 18-year-olds;
  • American citizenship and permanent residence in the country;
  • own bank account and mobile phone;
  • proof of income.

Due to the low amount of $500 payday loans, the only document required is usually a valid ID card. The loan applicant undergoes quick verification (via a transfer or a special application), and the cash can be credited to the account within several minutes.

Is it worth taking a $500 loan?

Who will $500 payday loans be useful for? First of all, those who care about a loan:

  • fast,
  • easily accessible,
  • cheaper – and even without the cost,
  • granted on clear terms,
  • available for bad credit,
  • 100 % online.

Using $500 payday loans is not too risky. As a rule, small amounts of liabilities are easy to pay off. Of course, provided that the offer does not involve excessive fees. Therefore, the total cost of the loan must be checked before signing the loan agreement. Only then will you be sure that the borrowed liability will not suddenly increase to even several thousand.


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