10 Ways to Find Exclusive Home Improvement Leads


Modern homeowners like to maintain the aesthetic value of their houses. They also renovate their house based on their needs. Thus, home improvement and renovation companies remain busy throughout the year. Still, how will you compete with other home improvement agencies? You have to learn the best techniques to generate your Home Improvement Leads.

  1. Facebook, Yelp, and GMB reviews

You may have gained some customers for your company. You can ask your loyal customers to leave comments on your Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business pages.

Internet users always like to make decisions based on reviews. Reviews are social proof and enable you to get new customers.

  • Join local groups in social media

You can join local Facebook groups where several members are looking for contractors for home improvement services. The community-type groups promote collaboration. You can communicate with others and talk about your services.

  • Share useful and relevant content

You may choose social media and other websites as the ad platform. You can share what your home improvement company offers. For instance, you have to talk about door installation, roofing, and other services.

  • Follow-up

It may not be the right time for homeowners to buy your services. Still, you have to maintain relationships by sending your emails regularly. You may also rely on automated follow-ups by sending pre-created emails.

  • Offer incentives

Your incentives will encourage your potential customers to purchase your services. For instance, you may offer discounts on your kitchen remodeling services.

  • Get local customers from Instagram

Take advantage of Instagram’s location feature to attract local leads and turn them into customers. Make your profile public and get you featured in the chosen city’s location feed.

  • Answer to the common queries

Your professionals may have heard different questions about their services. Thus, publish FAQ-type content on your website and social media. Homeowners who have an interest in your services will read it and buy your services.

  • Start a referral program

A referral program is an effective way of getting several leads to your sales pipeline. You may offer some cash reward and earn more profit from the new customers.

  • Start local networking

You can do it both online and offline. You may join local events and get-togethers. It is also better to work with other similar companies.

  1. Connect with neighbors at your job site

While working for a customer, you can connect with his neighbors. It will increase your chance of receiving new orders.

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