Top Reasons Why You Should Embrace Polished Concrete Floors


Many floor coatings and treatments are considered suitable in an industrial or commercial setting. The selection of flooring ultimately comes down to certain factors such as the floor dimensions, cost per square foot, any special performance requirements, and work environment. Also, Acoustic Flooring is one of the great option that make your floor shining.

Over the last few years, the popularity of epoxy flooring has significantly increased. Currently, many facilities managers are choosing this type of flooring, over treated concrete floors, due to its durability. A few people even do not consider concrete at all in their assessment. But, it is essential to keep in mind that polished concrete flooring can be an effective solution in some circumstances. 

Certain instances prove that the polished concrete is superior to the epoxy flooring as it effectively relates to the treatment procedure. This guide will talk about the critical benefits of polished concrete floors and why you should go for that. 

You will find that re-doing a floor is much more expensive and consumes a lot of your time. So, it is always better to go for the right option. Without wasting time, let’s dig into this detailed discussion.

  • A Stain Resistant Flooring Surface

The porous nature of the concrete is one of its big challenges. It results in a significant part of its lifetime maintenance costs. By polishing the concrete, you are dealing with this challenge effectively as it helps seal the surface and make it denser. 

Not only that, but polishing provides it with the capability to repel oil, water along with other surface contamination. Ultimately, in this case, you are getting a stain-resistant flooring surface, and you do not have to add any special protection to the concrete. 

  • An End To Efflorescence And Dusting

Untreated concrete is considered robust, but it is vulnerable to certain kinds of damage. It is also exposed to natural chemical reactions. Again, concrete is porous, and therefore, the salt migration or efflorescence process always occurs. In turn, it leads to dusting, which can ultimately damage the epoxies and other surface coatings. All of your problems are going to end with polishing. 

  • Greater Slip Resistance

Compared to the other concrete forms, polished concrete is slippery when wet. But, the best thing to note about the polished concrete floor is that it will provide higher levels of slip resistance than an untreated floor. 

You can also enhance these properties with a treatment that uses sand or glass beads. It helps in effectively improving its suitability for grip-sensitive environments like a parking deck. As polishing tends to make the concrete floor slip-resistant, it effectively reduces the risk of any accidents due to falls.

  • Improved Reflectivity And Ambient Light

It is another essential purpose that is served by concrete floor polishing. By going for this, you are getting more excellent reflectivity. It is something that contributes to making your safety painting much more effective. Not only that, but it also provides many long-term benefits. 

Like, it helps in effectively controlling your energy usage. Overall, better ambient lighting can provide an improved and cleaner look to your facility. As a result, people will find it more appealing to work in or visit. 

  • Affordable Ongoing Maintenance

You will be surprised to know that polishing your concrete floor ultimately saves you a lot of money when seen on a long term basis. It is something that effectively cuts the cost of ownership over several years. You do not have to carry out aggressive scrubbing to eliminate stains by choosing to polish your concrete floors. Additionally, you do not have to invest in stripping or waxing to maintain the characteristic sheen. 

  • Enhanced Effectiveness Of Old Floors

One of the most important reasons for treating your concrete floor is to extend the life of the underlying slab. Either you go for concrete polishing or epoxy flooring; both of these options ultimately increase the longevity of the slab. 

Again, the polished concrete is known to possess outstanding compressive strength. It also has a better capability to fight erosion from different sources. A mechanical polishing procedure can effectively grind the topmost layer to refresh it. 

  • No Or Minimal Disruption In Operations

Each floor coating and treatment process has its own requirements. The time that is required for polishing the concrete varies. For instance, some paints need a primer layer and curing time once applied. But, a dry, mechanically polished concrete floor may get back to service immediately after completing the procedure. 

  • LEED Compliant And VOC-Free

VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are known to be a significant safety risk to both the public and your team. Although many new coating products are present in the market that emit no or only a few VOCs, those options are pricey and unaffordable. So, one of the best options would be to choose concrete floor polishing as it is VOC-free. Not only that, but you can also easily adhere to the LEED rules with polished concrete. 

  • Reduced Tire Abrasion And Associated Wear

Polished concrete is regarded as one of the best possible flooring investments in an environment with high vehicle and foot traffic. Even large equipment such as forklifts can stand up on the polished concrete surface. This floor also resists staining and skid marks, specifically from smaller vehicles. One of the great ideas would be to combine it with a high traction sealant as it increases its longevity and reliability for years. 

  • Do Not Require A Lot Of Cleanup And A Toxin-Free Option

Concrete polishing does not utilise any abrasive or harsh chemicals, and so, it is regarded as an utterly toxin-free option to choose. Also, it does not produce any hazardous waste products. Once you are done polishing your concrete floors, it will be straightforward to maintain and does not require a lot of cleanups. 

Wrapping Up 

Overall, concrete floor polishing provides several benefits, making it an outstanding option to choose. Currently, many diamond drilling companies in London deliver concrete floor polishing services. CA Drillers is one such company that is inclined to offer top-notch services. Give them a call today for any of your diamond drilling or concrete floor polishing needs. 


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