Why Should You Choose Coworking Spaces?


The concept of coworking spaces has become a trend in India and the rest of the world. People are looking for places that support digital nomad lifestyles, and coworking spaces are a perfect fit. Employees have said that working from these places positively impacts employee productivity. These spaces offer a lot of opportunities, making them click for a wide group of people. Is it the right option for you as a business owner? Maybe. In this blog, you will find what makes these spaces popular, and the information provided here may help you make the right decision.              

Why People Are Switching to Coworking Spaces?

Employees feel that traditional spaces are pretty restrictive and offer few opportunities to communicate with coworkers. We have heard people say they feel like machines while working in these places. After a specific time, this can decrease their morale and productivity, and people may become vulnerable to boredom, lack of motivation and suffer from burnout.  

Contrarily, in coworking spaces, people have access to all the facilities they will get in a regular office. But, here, they can meet and work with like-minded people, learn from each other, network, and even collaborate with them. Furthermore, they can freely exchange ideas which can motivate or inspire them and regain the focus they need in their work. Some global coworking operators like WeWork also organize weekly team-building recreational activities to help balance work, play, and collaboration in their communities. 

Coworking Combats Loneliness

Reports reveal that in the age bracket of 18-22, 73% of workers feel lonely at work, especially since the work-from-home regulations. Working and communicating with your team virtually in the long term can lead to a lack of team spirit and self-esteem and may lead to misunderstandings and poor performance. This is precisely where hybrid coworking comes in. Hybrid work helps you to meet and work alongside your teammates in real time, but doing that from a coworking space also keeps you away from distractions at home or your favorite coffee shop.

With more human interaction and involvement, employees’ mental health and productivity can also be taken care of. For example, in Zioks, one of such shared office spaces in Kolkata, you can also access a gaming zone and an in-house cafeteria with healthy food options to help you relax with your teammates at break times. 

How do these spaces help solopreneurs out? 

Solopreneurs are a team of one; they perform all the tasks related to their venture. They arrange and host meetings with potential clients and work on all the aspects of running a business. They would need a professional setup to arrange those meetings. A traditional office is not the best option, as it costs more for a single person. Moreover, the tenure of these offices could be more flexible and apt for solopreneurs. 

Private office coworking spaces can provide the business setup for a much lower cost. These spaces are usually located in well-connected places, which may help businesses to attract clients and gain revenues. Solopreneurs can rent a coworking space and conference rooms to conduct meetings as and when required. An excellent example of such a fully-functional workspace is BHive, where you can also get an upscale business address across the commercial hub of Bangalore. 

What deters most startups from renting a traditional office? 

In most cases, It’s the initial cost and the upkeep cost, both of which are pretty high. Also, it is difficult to scale up or down in a traditional space. The chances of getting new opportunities or meeting with people who can help the business are very slim. 

Coworking spaces are cost-effective solutions for small business owners, as the rent and the upkeep cost are both low. The space can be scaled up to accommodate more team members or scaled down. As mentioned earlier, they can meet with other entrepreneurs from whom they can learn more about the business sector.

How To Make The Best Of Coworking Spaces?

The first thing you need to do is to do a bit of exploration. Your business has a unique work culture, as does every coworking space. It is imperative to choose a location that gels well with your business. 

If you need more clarification, you can either check the website or ask the manager about it. The managers know about the work culture and can tell you if it is the ideal option for your business. They can help you quickly integrate into the workspace. 

After you have settled in a new office, it is time to make the best of the situation. 

  • Take the initiative to introduce yourself

You must take time to introduce yourself and your business to coworkers. You will learn about them, which can provide more opportunities. Socializing with them will create a stress-free, happy environment and help you to be more productive. 

  • Engage And Collaborate With Community Members 

Some coworking spaces organize events such as webinars, workshops, guest talks, etc., to involve the entire community. You can participate in those events and interact with others. You never know when you will get the next project, gig, or client. You can also ask people to collaborate with you, and you can learn more skills from them. 

  • Stay Organized 

It is necessary to stay disciplined and organized while working, even if your workplace is a coworking space. It is easy to become distracted while working from non-traditional offices, so you need to be more organized and vigilant. You need to set and follow a routine. In other words, maintain consistency by using tools and software applications. You can invest in good quality headphones to cancel out the noise and chatter in the workplace and concentrate more on your tasks.    


Coworking spaces are beneficial for businesses that don’t want to set up a traditional office or maintain it. These spaces can help businesses cut down on costs, provide an enhanced employee experience, and decrease the chance of risks. Also, these places can foster a creative and productive work environment. Companies with a hybrid workforce are better suited for coworking spaces. It boils down to your company’s size and work culture, and you must make the right decision. 


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