Why Find An Online Science Tutor?


For many years, science tutors have instructed students on a one-on-one basis. However, this has changed over time with technological advancement where students rely on online science tutors. This is because they don’t have to meet the tutor face to face. There are many platforms that these online science tutors use to teach their students. Online science tutors usually employ two broad formats as follows:

– Asynchronous tutoring

 This mode of science tutoring depends on offline coursework. The online science tutor emails the student some science assignments. The student, in turn, completes the projects or assignments and submits them online. This, however, doesn’t mean that the student is restricted from reaching the tutor for further clarification or help. Most asynchronous tutoring tools have the option of the student interacting with the tutor. Generally, it’s not a must for both the student and tutor to be online at once in asynchronous tutoring.

– Synchronous tutoring

This form of tutoring involves direct interaction between the student and the science tutor. Software is required to make communication between the two parties easier. Communication can be in the form of video, text, or even audio. The most preferred method is video since the student can actually see the tutor, thus making it easier to be involved actively in the learning process.

These are the two formats online science tutors use to teach their students. If you’re in Singapore and you need an online science tutor, visit the website https://familytutor.sg/science-tuition/. Students can learn some of the sciences in online classes, including chemistry, biology, physics, elementary science, microbiology, earth science, organic chemistry, and anatomy & physiology.

How to get started

Parents who want their children to score higher in sciences should consider finding an online science tutor. Below are the steps to find the best online science tutor for your children:

1. Determine how the online science tutor will assist your child 

Most online science tutors provide tutoring services for various science subjects. Therefore, it’s essential to determine exactly the area you want your child to improve on so that you can get the best tutor. Talk to your child to find out the reason for poor performance in science subjects in school. If you find that your child is hostile towards poorly performed science subjects, it’d be beneficial to get a tutor. 

2. Shortlist viable online science tutors

Since you know your child’s weakness, the next step is to find some viable tutors online. In this stage, ensure you check the tutors’ qualifications, instructional style, contractual obligations, and costs. You can then contact them and inquire about their online tutoring services. Here, it’s essential to pay attention to the tutors’ answers, response time, and language.

3. Select a tutor 

Once you’ve done enough background research about the tutors, the next step is to select one who you think will do a better job. Take time to review the curriculum used by the tutor to ensure it’s relevant to your child’s educational needs.

In conclusion, it’s essential to find the best online science tutor to help your child learn and complete their science coursework in time without struggling.


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