Why Do You Need to Hire a Civil Litigation Attorney?


A civil litigation attorney is also referred to as a civil attorney. This type of attorney specializes in diverse fields and is often hired by a client in pursuit of defending them against a civil lawsuit. If two or more parties are involved in a legal dispute, the case is usually presented at a trial whereby the plaintiff seeks to be compensated for the damages by the defendant. 

The burden of proof is less complaint in civil cases than the criminal proceedings ones. For a civil litigation attorney to win a case, they must be willing to gather compelling evidence for the judge or jury to rule out their opposition beyond a reasonable doubt. These types of attorneys are skilled to embrace conflict and controversy as well as the assumption of oppositional positions. They are employed to serve as their plaintiff advocates and are obligated to fight and achieve the best optimal outcome of the case. The consequences of a civil lawsuit usually consist of injunctions or monetary awards. 

Some of the key legal skills a civil litigation officer should possess include the following:

  • Comprehension of procedural and substantive law.
  • Engaging written and verbal advocacy communication skills.
  • Systematical and logical reasoning abilities.
  • Incorporate complex legal and circumstantial material.
  • Superior social skills.
  • Arbitration skills.
  • Knowledge of legal research methodologies and software.

When Do You Need to Hire a Civil Attorney?

There are various reasons people and businesses sue or get sued due to civil law violations. Several civil law disputes are often resolved through mediation or settling into an amicable agreement, whereby the two parties involved in the lawsuit represent themselves.

It is important to hire a civil litigation attorney for the civil lawsuit to be heard and deliberated by a civil court if the issue at hand could be leading to severe legal consequences such as exceedingly large amounts of compensatory damages or paying civil fines. In such kind of circumstances, a civil litigation attorney is required to be hired.

What to Expect from Your Civil Attorney?

Civil litigation attorneys are skilled professionals who have specialized in handling diverse aspects of their client’s lawsuit whether the defendant or the plaintiff. From the onset of the trial, a civil attorney can aid in the finding process. 

The procedure includes but is not limited to:

  • Deposing fundamental witnesses.
  • Engaging expert witnesses as required.
  • Designing a discovery game plan.
  • Serving interrogatory requests to the defendant party.
  • Filing documents with the court.

In the circumstance that the disputing parties fail to agree on an amicable settlement, a civil litigation attorney can proceed with the trial process. The civil litigation process is partitioned into different sections which entail investigation, plea hearings, discovery, court proceedings, possible settlements, trial, and appeal. 

Civil litigation attorneys are required to uphold professionalism, work ethics, and legal standards when hired to represent a client. For example, how an attorney is needed to exercise and apply knowledge, skills, and experience in the best interests of their client. 


If you are encountering a lawsuit as a plaintiff or a defendant, it is important to consult a skilled civil litigation attorney hence they are best suited to understand your state laws concerning the matter and take you through the entire process as needed.


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