Why Do Some People Want Hawaiian Lava Rock Walls?


If you’ve ever visited Hawaii or even seen pictures of some monuments online, then you likely know about Hawaiian lava rock walls. They’re prevalent in this location and other parts of the world because of their durability and aesthetic pleasantness. 

They’re also pretty common in Hawaii because of the surplus volcanoes there, where lava rocks come from. Seeing the application of these rocks as building materials in other places besides Hawaii may lead you to wonder why they’re so endearing to property owners. Well, in this blog post, we’re going to address the fantastic attributes of these Hawaiian lava rock walls. 

What are Hawaiian Lava Rock Walls? 

Hawaiian lava rock walls are building rocks that are very common in Hawaii. Many buildings here are made from these rocks and have been standing for centuries now. You can find them in every sector as they’re suitable for residential and commercial properties. 

You can use lava rock walls for an array of constructions, which will serve you for a long time. More often than not, property owners tear down structures made from these rocks themselves because they want a change. Otherwise, the construction remains firm, doesn’t wither, and its beauty and function doesn’t diminish. 

Why Hawaiian Lava Rock Walls?

Although Hawaiian lava rock walls have been in existence for ages, you may find yourself newly becoming aware of their existence. Of course, you may become curious about why many property owners also choose them. Some of those reasons include: 


Lava rock walls are volcanic rocks, a type of rock. Constructing your property with them will give it the same lifespan as these materials. Again, every property owner desires to have a construction that can stand the test of time, which is what you’ll get when you choose lava rock walls. 


Picture a property with matching construction materials. With Hawaiian lava rock walls, you don’t have to limit the rocks to just the walls of your property. Instead, you can also use them for several other constructions, as you’ll come to see. 

In addition, you can have the lava rock walls broken into smaller pieces and use them as decorative items or mulch. 

They’re mesmerizing 

Now, you can erect any construction that makes a statement and draws several glances from passing people. What’s more, you can choose any color of rocks you want. 


Lava rock walls are abundant in Hawaii – you can find them in quarries and private property. As such, they’re very affordable, and you may even get lucky enough to get sufficient rocks for your construction from friends without paying a dime. 

However, if you can’t find enough free rocks for your construction, you won’t have to break your bank to get the quantity you need. 

They require low maintenance 

Finally, property owners love the low maintenance that lava rock walls require. They won’t grow mold and won’t wither or diminish in luster. They certainly aren’t susceptible to insect infestations, so there’s no need for pesticides. 

What are Hawaiian Lava Rock Walls Used For?

As a property owner, whether in the commercial or residential sector, you’ll undoubtedly find lava rock walls to be very useful. This is also regardless of the size of your property. 

Your contractor can use these rocks to construct walls, fireplaces, planters, pillars, staircases, fences, and other significant constructions. Of course, you can also use them for landscaping – they’re excellent for demarcating your property and preventing erosion.


Hawaiian lava rocks are suitable for a range of constructions, from pavers to retaining walls, water features, and mailbox stands, down to outdoor showers, you name it. This is why masons recommend it to owners.


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