Why Do Men Go Bald?


The typical form of hair loss impacts roughly 50% of men just after age 35 and is additionally known by its clinical definition, androgenic alopecia. Male pattern hair loss does not necessarily indicate that your hair is thinning. Instead, it means that over several years and numerous progressive hair growth cycles, each hair on your body is growing back weaker and shorter. Your hair follicles are sensitive to androgens, specifically DHT, a type of androgen (dihydrotestosterone).

After puberty, if you have inherited follicular sensitivity, it will start to manifest (which is when your body starts to produce testosterone). After that, your hair follicles will slowly shrink and become progressively thinner over time, diminishing the volume and thickness of your hair and highlighting your scalp. According to trichologists, the hair follicles may ultimately shrink to the point where they cease growing hair completely. While some of the best hair growth products may be able to help, there are many key factors to understand.

Lifestyle elements

Some studies contend that a few lifestyle factors may contribute to the explanation of why men develop male pattern baldness in stages.

  1. Nutritional deficiencies: 

 For some individuals, a deficiency in zinc, omega-3 fatty acids vitamins A, B6, and E, as well as other trace elements, might have a detrimental effect on hair development and renewal.

What you can do about it: To give your hair the nutrition it needs to stay smooth and healthy, she advises adhering to a diet high in lean proteins and lots of nuts, nuts, and good fats (all rich in omega-3s). She also emphasises the importance of exercise in boosting circulation in general and providing your hair with oxygen and nutrients.

2. Smoking

Smoking negatively affects your general health, lungs, heart, or circulation. Still, it can also harm hair by reducing the circulation of oxygen and important nutrients to hair follicles, coupled with irritation. You can take action by giving up smoking. Smoking brings several changes to the body and weakens the hair roots. There are chances for men of hair loss after smoking.

3. Hormonal Imbalances

Thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, prescription drugs, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes are the underlying medical factors contributing to hair loss. Any chronic illness that causes inflammation or interferes with the transport of essential oxygen and nutrients to our important organs, including the scalp and hair follicles, can cause thinning hair and loss by extending the rest (telogen) stage of the hair cycle.

What you should do about it 

  • Visiting a physician or trichologist almost always entails a blood test, which can help diagnose many of the ailments we just mentioned. You can create a healthier life by incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet and other required adjustments.
  • Even while we now have sufficient knowledge to offer a course on the causes of male pattern baldness, the nagging question of whether it is preventable lingers. Differences between maturing hairlines vs balding ones can also lead to confusion. 
  • Nevertheless, if we are aware of this aspect of a person’s past, we may be better able to address therapeutic choices early on to reduce loss or thinning.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over losing your hair in the end. It’s not your fault; it’s not even terrible. Numerous tough men with bald hair are succeeding.


According to the most recent theory, hair loss starts throughout puberty when a tight band of tissue that covers the top of the head becomes more constricted due to the expansion of the skull and muscles in the head and neck. These muscles contract more frequently the more DHT there is, which results in inflammation and attracts more DHT. The DHT gradually thickens the tissue band, which limits the circulation of blood and vitamins to the hair follicles from above. While the follicles on the sides of the head are generally unchanged, those on the head’s top get smaller and ultimately perish.


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