What should an estate agent post on online marketing platforms?


As the estate industry is one of the competitive markets, you have to put in a lot of effort to stand apart from the crowd. You have to share with the people about your services and what makes you unique from your competitors and this is where you can use the online marketing platforms to sway the crowd and make them look in your direction. By promoting your estate agent business online, you can encourage potential buyers and sellers to trust in your services.

For instance, you can offer your audience details about the property marketing reports you received through professional assistance in a way they could understand properly. You can share posts about the properties and topics related to it interestingly and impressively with your audience. But what can you post on online marketing platforms? Have a look at the tips.

  • Post pictures and videos of the listed properties

There may be lots of properties listed on your business website but singling out some of the best properties and posting pictures and videos of these on your online marketing platforms is a great idea. The audience who would have overlooked these properties on your website can view them on social media and will be more interested in them. By posting attractive pictures of the properties, you can attract lots of new leads too by highlighting some of the biggest plus points of the property and boost awareness about it. 

  • Share interesting tips on interior design and dream home construction

The people who follow you on social media platforms will like to read or view some unique tips about interior design or amazing ideas to renovate homes. As you are a real estate professional, you can use your experience in the field to share the useful tips you know with your audience. So you can post about the top trending interior designs and also about the new and smart room designs for home renovation. Your followers will surely love to read your posts about these interesting topics so post eye-catching photos and videos related to interior design on online marketing platforms and post easy tips on how to renovate homes.  

  • News related to the property industry

There is always breaking news related to the property industry on various topics like mortgages, property prices, housing benefits, rental markets and more. So to keep your audience updated about the current news related to the property, you can share the news with them. Further, at the same time, you can share the benefits they can enjoy because of the recent developments or changes in the property market and in this way you can persuade them to get in touch with you if they require any services.

  • Give professional advice to buy or sell homes

Many people may have doubts regarding buying or selling homes as they may not know where to start. You can use your expertise to guide people in their journey by sharing some advice on how to buy or sell a home. In the online marketing platform, you can share regular contents that will serve as a guide to your audience about everything related to property buying and selling. These contents have to be precise, fresh and also updated so the readers may find them useful.

You can share tips on how to stage homes before selling, information about the best neighbourhoods in the area, steps to buy a home and more. You can engage your followers with these types of content and it will also help them to trust your services.

  • Share customer reviews and testimonials

If you have satisfied customers then ask them to share what they experienced in your online marketing platforms for the potential customers to view it. This will encourage them and will serve as proof that you offer the best service to your customers. You can create a particular space on your online platform, request your customers to post their reviews and testimonials with pictures, videos and case studies and then thank the customers for sharing the heartwarming reviews publicly.

Get professional help to succeed on online marketing platforms

If you want your posts to become popular on online marketing platforms, you can get help from experts. They will help you to create posts that are impressive and unique and which will also help you get lots of new leads for your business. Therefore you can contact the experts now and benefit from their guidance and training.


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